12 Free or Cheap Boss’s Day Gifts and How to Celebrate Remotely

September 30, 2020


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Bosses have a demanding job. They have to keep things organized and running at their company while also making their team members feel supported, valued and heard.

This year in particular, a lot of companies are working out of office and bosses have added pressure to keep morale high and support their employees through unprecedented circumstances.

To make your boss feel celebrated in return, offices celebrate Boss’s Day on October 16th. Check out these fun gift options for making your boss feel appreciated even if you can’t see them in person.

Jump down to the infographic, or read on for inexpensive Boss’s Day gift ideas.

Online Gifts and Cards

These gifts can be purchased and sent from a computer, no contact necessary.

Send a Digital Card

Greeting cards are tried and true ways to express appreciation. There are many options for online greeting cards, varying in both cost and presentation. Online thank you cards will be sent directly to your boss’s email and can be signed by your whole team. Popular online card services include American Greetings and Punchbowl. You can also save with these Hallmark eCards coupons.

Cost: $3–$20

Send Flowers

Flowers are a wildly popular gift, as evidenced by the fact that Americans spend an estimated $6.2 billion on bouquets every year. An added bonus: flower arrangements can be bought online and delivered to your desired recipient, minimizing face-to-face contact while still being a thoughtful gift. If you and your coworkers chip in, you can purchase a decadent bouquet to celebrate your boss. Some online flower delivery services where you can save money include 1800 Flowers, From You Flowers and FTD Flowers.

Cost: $30–$100

Have Lunch Delivered to Them

During a busy workday, it can be easy to watch the hours go by and forget to eat. Make sure your boss has a delicious meal on Boss’s Day by ordering it for them! Use a delivery service like UberEats or Postmates to have lunch arrive at their door — or, you can send your boss a gift card to a food delivery service so they can order what they want.

Cost: $25–$50

Send Them a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the backbone of office culture. Even though you may not be physically in the office anymore, it’s always a good idea to start your day with a fresh cup. Same goes for your boss! Send your boss a gourmet coffee roast to up their coffee game and help them feel appreciated. Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Co., Bones Coffee Company and Volcanic Red Coffee all offer unique flavors and coupons.

Cost: $10–$100

Online Experiences

Sometimes the best gifts are time spent together — even in a Zoom chatroom.

Host a Zoom Happy Hour

A great way to get your boss to feel appreciated is to get the company together for quality time outside of work. Host a Zoom happy hour where you and your colleagues can spend some relaxing, fun time together after work hours. You can even create a Zoom background celebrating Boss’s Day, or make the happy hour themed.

Cost: $0

Send a Company-Wide Email

A simple gesture can go a long way. Sending a company-wide email celebrating your boss and thanking them for their accomplishments can help them feel appreciated on Boss’s Day. Include a thoughtful message and a fun GIF, and invite your coworkers to reply all with their own messages.

Cost: $0

Make a Thank You Video

If you want to add a touch of personalization to your gift, consider having the whole team record a video for your boss listing some of their attributes and thanking them for the work they do. Either take on the video yourself, or have team members record their own “thank you” segments and string them together with a video editing software.

Cost: $0

Post on Social Media

It feels good to get a shoutout. Show the world how awesome your boss is by posting their photo on your company’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. Include a caption that highlights some of your boss’s accomplishments and thanks them for all their hard work.

Cost: $0

Physical Gifts and Cards

These gifts can be bought and sent via mail, or given in-person.

Send a Care Package

Care packages are fun, personal ways to tell someone you appreciate them and give them a gift they can actually use. Round up a few items your boss will love, arrange them in a box and have it delivered to their house. A benefit of these packages is that they can be personalized — for example, you can make the box pet-themed, sports-themed or self care-themed, depending on what your boss needs.

Cost: $50–$100

Buy a Gift Card

With a gift card, you can show someone you’re thinking about them without having to decide on a specific gift. You can send a digital gift card to your boss’s email, or buy a physical one and send it in a greeting card. Many shops offer digital or physical gift cards, but popular options include Target and Amazon.

Cost: $10–$100

Personalize a Gift

There’s something to be said for those “World’s Best Boss” mugs. Personalize a mug, sign or plaque for your boss that includes their name alongside their accolades. Personal gift websites like Gifts.com sell hundreds of personalizable gift options that will make your boss feel seen and valued.

Cost: $10–$200

Buy Them Work Supplies

Tell your boss you’re thankful for the work they do by helping them continue to do it. Send your boss office materials including pens, scissors, stickers and professional development books along, with a thoughtful card and thank you note.

Cost: $20–$50

How to Celebrate Boss’s Day Remotely

It’s easy to make your boss feel valued. We’ve put together a list of activities that can be done remotely or in-person, and on a budget.


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