5 Genius Amazon Hacks Every Prime Member Should Know

Secrets to shopping smartly on Amazon.


1. Automatically check other retailers and find coupon codes with Capital One Shopping


Capital One Shopping is a Google Chrome add-on that checks other retailers for the exact product you’re shopping for on Amazon and notifies you in less than ten seconds if it finds a better price. It also automatically finds and applies coupons and hidden rebates on hundreds of sites like Target, Nike & Macy’s.

Did I mention it’s free? Try it HERE.

2. Prime memberships can be shared between two people


When you create a free Amazon Household account, Amazon allows you to share Prime benefits with one other person. This includes free Prime shipping, Prime Video and Music and digital content you’ve purchased through Amazon.

Whether it’s a spouse, kid or that guy from Craigslist, most everyone has a roommate. This one’s a no-brainer.

3. Turn your pre-paid gift cards into Amazon gift cards


Have a bunch of old prepaid debit cards laying around? Log into Amazon and navigate to the Gift Card page. After selecting custom amount, enter your prepaid card balance and contact information. Wait two hours, and voila, you now have an Amazon gift card in your inbox.

4. Camel Camel Camel alerts you when prices drop


Stop checking your wish list items every day to see if the price dropped. With Camel Camel Camel, you can monitor the price on millions of Amazon products and receive alerts when prices drop. Many product categories, like clothing, are very seasonal and see mass reductions during certain times of year.

Don’t think prices change that often? Test it out with a random sample of products and check back in a month. It’s also free!

5. Free photo storage with Amazon Prime


Quit paying for Dropbox and Google Drive. Use your Amazon Prime membership to receive an unlimited amount of photo storage with access on any device. If you upload photos online, this feature will pay for half your Amazon Prime membership.

Whether you hack Amazon prices with Capital One Shopping or start tracking price drops, make sure you’re keeping your Amazon addiction healthy!