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Amazon Prime increased its prices. Now what?


Amazon’s price hike for monthly Prime memberships has a lot of people wondering: Is Prime really worth it? Sure, 2-day shipping is great. But after Prime factors delivery into its prices, it can often be a more expensive option anyway.

Ask yourself: do you really need 2-day shipping on everything you buy? For waiting a few more days, you could find a better priced option.

But you probably don’t want to spend your time searching for those prices either. That’s where comes in. While you shop online, this five-star Chrome extension helps you save money — automatically.

Here’s how it works:


While you shop on Amazon, automatically checks other sellers like Walmart and Jet for a better price, including sales tax + shipping. A notification will appear in seconds if a better offer is found.


And while you shop at Target, Kohl’s, J.Crew, Pizza Hut or pretty much anywhere else, looks for working coupon codes and automatically applies them to your cart.

The best part? It’s completely free. There’s literally no reason not to use it. Get Capital One Shopping .