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The Biggest Sales of the Year by Month


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While many holidays offer big savings for shoppers, there are actually great deals to enjoy all year. Don’t wait until Presidents Day or Memorial Day for the next sale — see what savings you could earn right now! From clothing to tech, you can find great deals during any time of the year. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest sales of the year to help you get started.

Browse the deals by month or by category in our infographic summary below.

January Sales

Start off the new year with some of the best January sales. Be on the lookout for fitness equipment and televisions to be on sale, and check out some of our favorite store sales.

Bathroom Scales: Similar to fitness equipment, retailers know people want to get in shape in the new year. That’s why you’ll likely be able to find great deals on bathroom scales to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Bed Bath & Beyond Semi-Annual Clearance Event: Score on bed linens, home decor and kitchen goods with savings of up to 50% during this event. You’re sure to find items for every room in your home. To save after the event has ended, use these Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

Bedsheets: Start the new year off on a high note by getting the best night’s sleep possible. This is a great month to find deals on bedsheets and linens, so cozy up and catch some Z’s! Try these Target coupons to get a great deal on bedsheets any month of the year.

Fitness Equipment: With New Year’s resolutions fresh in people’s minds, retailers often discount their fitness and gym equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals. They know consumers want to get fit in the new year, so take advantage of these sales and get physical!

Macy’s Semi-Annual Sale: Shoppers can get up to 75% off items both in-store and online at this twice yearly event. You’re sure to find whatever you’ve been looking for at this department store. Use these Macy’s coupons to save when their semi-annual sale is over!

TVs and Electronics: January is a great month to look for a new TV for your home. Stores generally have considerable markdowns on their entertainment electronics with the Super Bowl just weeks away.

February Sales

As the cold weather carries on, the deals start heating up. Presidents Day sales offer great savings, and it’s a good time to look at winter clothing sales.

Mattresses: If you’re due for a new mattress or just want to upgrade, February is your month. Mattresses experience significant markdowns during this month due to retailers looking to make room for new models. Use these Leesa coupons if you need a new mattress outside of February!

Presidents Day: Many retailers have big sales for Presidents Day, and you can score discounts on everything from clothing to appliances to technology. Keep an eye out for your favorite stores to be offering deals.

Snowblowers: For those who live in snowy regions, this is the month to find the best sales on snowblowers. Retailers are looking to clear out their winter inventory and gear up for spring, so take advantage of the deals on winter machinery.

Space Heaters: Another winter product that stores are looking to clear out in preparation for spring, February is a great time to shop for a new space heater. It may be a while before the weather really warms up, so be sure to take advantage of the deals on space heaters.

TVs: Many electronics sales from January continue on into February, so this is a great month to buy a new TV if you missed out in January. Even if the Super Bowl has already passed, you can still have a fun movie night at home with your new television.

Valentine’s Day: Although not usually as prominent as Presidents Day sales, Valentine’s Day still offers some great savings. Be on the lookout for sales on candy, flowers, clothing and beauty supplies. If you can’t find a deal you like, try sending your valentine a gorgeous bouquet with these 1–800-Flowers coupons!

Winter Clothing: As winter comes to a close, many retailers begin discounting their supply of winter clothing and other cold-weather items. Stock up on sweaters and boots for next winter during this time.

March Sales

Save on everything from beauty products to airfare during these stellar March sales. You could also score big with some St. Patrick’s Day deals.

Airfare: Chase away the winter blues with a getaway during this month! International flights are considerably cheaper in March, and travelers can save as much as 15% on flights compared to the yearly average ticket price.

Cameras: Shutterbugs will rejoice when many cameras are placed on sale in March. New models are often released in February and March and retailers run promotions on them. If you can’t find a deal that suits you, try using these Canon coupons!

Dell Semi-Annual Sale: If you’re looking for a new computer or other tech items, check out this semi-annual sale. Shoppers can potentially save hundreds of dollars on products and get money back on certain purchases.

Kohl’s Semi-Annual Intimates Sale: This is the first occurrence of this Kohl’s sale for the year, and deals include 5 for $35 underwear and up to 60% off other undergarments. Try these Kohl’s coupons to continue saving after the sale has ended.

St. Patrick’s Day Items: You’ll be feeling the luck of the Irish with tons of in the days leading up to the holiday. Many stores will have sales on green clothing and party supplies

Sunglasses: With summer quickly approaching, many stores offer deals on sunglasses. Be sure to grab some new shades ahead of your upcoming summer vacation! Use these Sunglass Hut coupons to save on sunglasses any time of the year.

Tax Software: With tax season just around the corner, March is a great time to invest in some new personal finance software. Soon, you’ll be all set for Tax Day in April. For more savings, use these Intuit coupons.

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty: Get huge savings on beauty, skincare and haircare products during this event. You can get up to 50% off certain items and there are new deals every day of this event.

Weed Trimmers: As spring ramps up, stores usually have sales and deals on weed trimmers. As you’re planning your landscaping for the season, be sure to check out what discounts are available on these tools.

April Sales

Check out some of our favorite April sales below! Be sure to keep your eye on deals for gardening supplies, Easter products and some great store sales.

Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale: Get up to 25% off during this event, and score big savings on designer names. If Bloomingdale’s is usually out of your budget, this is a great time to pick up some items. Use these Bloomingdale’s coupons for even more savings!

Easter Items: This is a great time to save money on Easter goods since the holiday takes place in either March or April. Retailers will have candy and toys on clearance once the day has passed.

Gardening Supplies: Lots of retailers mark down gardening supplies like shovels and gloves during this time with spring in full swing. Be sure to pick up everything you need to make your yard look nice, or get some seeds to start your own .

Grills: Retailers know that as the weather warms up, people start to spend more time outdoors and in their backyards. For many people, grilling is a tried-and-true pastime — that’s why you’ll see huge sales on both charcoal and gas grills during this month.

Lawn Mowers: With the snow melted and the grass growing, stores place lawn mowers on sale in April. Soon you’ll have the best yard in the neighborhood with your new mower!

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale: This is the sale to shop for those who are members of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program. Rouge level members get 20% off their entire purchase, VIB members get 15% off and Insider members get 10% off. This sale takes place both in-store and online, so go ahead and treat yourself to a relaxing night of face masks and .

Vacuums: To help you accomplish your spring cleaning goals, stores have big sales on vacuum cleaners during this month. This is a great time to upgrade from that old vacuum you’ve been using for years!

Windows: April is a great month to replace your windows. As people start to open their windows and let in that fresh spring air, suppliers offer deals and promotions to help people make the most of the spring and summer.

May Sales

Memorial Day weekend sales offer huge savings on just about anything. See some of our favorite May sales events below and score big on items like mattresses and air conditioners.

Air Conditioners: In order to make room for new models, retailers often place air conditioners on sale this month. This is a great time to replace your old system since the summer heat hasn’t set in yet.

Insect Repellent and Sunscreen: May is a great time to buy insect repellent and sunscreen at a lower cost. Stock up on these two summer staples and you’ll be ready for a summer of fun!

Mattresses: If you missed out in February, you’ll have another chance to score a great discount on mattresses in May. Memorial Day offers huge sales on mattresses, so be on the lookout!

Memorial Day: Memorial Day weekend offers huge deals for consumers, and many stores take part in the money-saving festivities. Check to see if your favorite store is participating, and enjoy discounts on everything from clothing to mattresses.

Mother’s Day: Celebrate Mom with some amazing . You’ll likely be able to find discounts on clothing, jewelry and floral gifts during this time.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Shoppers can save between 30% and 50% during this event. This is a great time to refresh your wardrobe for summer or treat yourself to those shoes you’ve been eyeing all season.

Spring Clothing: May is a great time to find deals on spring clothing. Stores want to move inventory that has been on shelves for a month or two and make way for summer items.

Strollers: May often sees discounts on strollers, so whether you’re expecting a new addition to your family or you’d just like to upgrade, this is a good time to shop for a new stroller (or add one to your !).

Ulta’s Gorgeous Hair Event: Stock up on your favorite haircare products, or products you’ve been wanting to try, during this sale. Save up to 50% on hair products such as shampoos and hair dryers. If you’re shopping when the sale isn’t going on, use these Ulta Beauty coupons!

June Sales

Get huge savings on bath products and intimates during the month of June. This is also a great time to consider joining a gym!

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale: Save up to 75% on your favorite bath products and candles during this event. Shoppers may be able to save even more with a coupon for an item on clearance.

Blenders: Beat the heat by making yourself a homemade smoothie with a new blender. June often sees great discounts on blenders, so check out what deals you can score on these handy appliances.

Drills: To help with all your summer projects, consider investing in a new cordless drill this month. Drills typically see large price reductions this time of year. Try these Lowe’s coupons to find more great deals on drills and home improvement supplies.

Gym Memberships: With the buzz of New Year’s resolutions long over, gyms often have deals on memberships during the summer months. Take advantage of these discounts and break a sweat without breaking the bank!

Irons: Steam irons usually see a reduction in price during June, so this is a good time to replace yours or purchase a new one if you don’t yet have one. Even if you don’t need to press a lot of your clothes, irons are still a great tool to have!

Pressure Washers: June is a good month to find sales on pressure washers. Soon you’ll be enjoying the summer sun on your newly cleaned deck or patio.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale: This sale offers savings of up to 70% both in-store and online. Discounts can be found on everything from undergarments to activewear. Styles can go quickly, so be sure to shop early!

July Sales

There are tons of savings to be had during this month, and Fourth of July sales are rampant with deals on TVs and other personal electronics. This is also a great time to don your best patriotic apparel with discounts on red, white and blue items.

Dehumidifiers: Stores often place dehumidifiers on sale in July. These are great for making your home less muggy on humid summer days.

Home Security Cameras: July is a great time to invest in a home security camera. These are a great way to give yourself peace of mind without the hassle of hiring a company to install a system for you. Use these Ring coupons for more savings on a home security camera.

Macy’s Semi-Annual Sale: This is the second occurrence of this Macy’s sale, and many of the same great discounts can be found. Shoppers can get up to 75% off their purchases both in-store and online.

Personal Electronics: Many retailers have started offering sales on personal electronics during July. This could be a great time to check out some Fourth of July TV deals and get discounts on other tech items!

Prime Day: E-commerce powerhouse Amazon offers this annual event that is chock-full of savings. Shoppers can score amazing deals on Amazon products like Amazon Echo and Kindle e-readers. Other retailers who sell on Amazon also take part and offer massive savings to Prime members. Get a great deal anytime with these Amazon coupons!

Refrigerators: Due in large part to Fourth of July sales, this is a good month to find discounts on refrigerators. Be sure to check for sales early in the month!

TVs: Another benefit of Fourth of July sales is the deals on TVs. This is another great time to shop for a new TV.

USA Items: With the Fourth of July taking place this month, many retailers offer deals on red, white and blue items and USA items. Be sure to take advantage of these and celebrate Independence Day in style.

Washers and Dryers: Like refrigerators, washers and dryers are often on sale early in July for Independence Day sales. Be sure to take advantage of these great markdowns.

August Sales

Check out these August sales to save on clothing and swimwear. You’ll also be able to save big on back-to-school supplies, including laptops for college students.

Back-to-School Supplies: With the new school year just around the corner, consumers can find deals on school supplies such as notebooks, backpacks and writing utensils. College students can also often find discounts on laptops and tablets.

Freezers: As summer draws to a close, many stores offer sales on freezers. This is a good time to shop for a new one if you’ve been in the market for one.

Gap Friends & Family Event: Get up to 40% off almost everything at Gap during this event. This is a great time to start prepping your wardrobe for the fall. Use these Gap coupons for savings when the sale is over!

Headphones: Treat yourself to a new pair of headphones this month. Headphones often experience significant price reductions in August due to back-to-school sales.

Kohl’s Semi-Annual Intimates Sale: If you missed out in the spring, Kohl’s offers another chance to stock up on undergarments and other intimates during its summer rendition of this semi-annual sale. Shoppers can still expect to see discounts of up to 60%.

Laptops and Computers: Thanks to back-to-school season, August is a great month to purchase a new laptop or computer. Retailers offer big discounts on these items, so check out what deals you can score.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: This sale offers up to 50% off, but most deals will be around 30% to 40% off. Try these Nordstrom coupons for more savings!

Swimsuits: As summer begins to wind down, many stores start to place swimwear on sale or clearance. Shoppers can purchase swim items at significant discounts during this month.

September Sales

Labor Day sales offer huge savings on everything from electronics to mattresses. You can also find deals on other items during the store sales we’ve listed below!

Air Conditioners: September is another great time to buy an air conditioner. As summer winds down, air conditioners aren’t in very high demand, so retailers look to move old inventory.

Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale: Much like its sister event in the spring, this sale is a great opportunity to pick up some fall fashion and shoes. Shoppers can save up to 25% during this event.

Dell Semi-Annual Sale: Those who missed out on this sale in the spring will have a second chance to score huge savings on computers and other tech items. Look out for discounts and money-back opportunities. Use these Dell coupons to save money once the sale has ended.

Dishwashers: September is the month to buy dishwashers. Large appliances often go on sale for Labor Day, and retailers are looking to clear out old inventory.

Labor Day: Labor Day weekend offers great sales at many different retailers. This is a great time to purchase a new mattress and score big on appliances.

Lawn Mowers: If you missed out in the spring, this is another opportunity to get a lawn mower at a great price. Retailers are looking to move summer inventory as fall and winter approach, so take advantage of these sales.

Overstock Anniversary Sale: Be on the lookout for savings of up to 70% sitewide during this event. This is a great time to redecorate your home or just pick up a few accent pieces. For more savings, use these Overstock coupons!

Smartphones: If you’re looking to upgrade your cell phone, September is a great time to do so. Smartphone prices tend to be lower this month, and Apple often releases new products in September and places its older models on sale.

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty: Shoppers can enjoy up to 50% off products during the second installment of this event. Be sure to check every day during this sale to see what the new deals are!

October Sales

With fall underway and winter on the horizon, this is a great time to upgrade your patio with new outdoor furniture. Take a look at some of our favorite October sales below, including fall renditions of store sales seen earlier in the year.

Bed Bath & Beyond Semi-Annual Clearance Event: If you missed out in January, October offers your second chance to save big on home products. You can get up to 50% off during this sale.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: Replace the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home this month. These items are usually lower in price this time of year, and they could save your life.

Outdoor Furniture: As the summer patio season comes to a close, look to your favorite retailers for deals on outdoor furniture. Stores will be ready to clear out their inventory of these items as winter approaches. Use these Wayfair coupons to save even more on outdoor furniture!

Snowblowers: Snowblowers are typically heavily discounted during October. Even though fall is still underway, this could be a good time to start prepping for the winter months ahead.

Ulta’s Gorgeous Hair Event: The companion event to the one in May, take advantage of this sale to save up to 50% on haircare products. Your tresses will thank you!

November Sales

November is a huge month for shopping deals with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shoppers can score incredible savings during these November sales!

Bath & Body Works Mix & Match Sale: In the spirit of Black Friday shopping, Bath & Body Works offers this great sale on all of your favorite products. This is the time to score big with their Buy 3, Get 3 promotion on everything from shower gels to your favorite three-wick candles.

Black Friday: One of the biggest and most well-known days for deals is Black Friday, or the Friday after Thanksgiving. In 2020, shoppers spent a record $9 billion on products during this day. Virtually every retailer offers some sort of Black Friday deal, so keep your eye out for great savings!

Cyber Monday: Black Friday’s modern sister holiday is Cyber Monday. This day is dedicated to online shopping, so check all your favorite sites for deals on everything from technology to makeup. Be sure to brush up on !

Personal Electronics: With Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes huge discounts on personal electronics. You’ll be able to find deals on laptops, tablets, headphones, smartwatches and more.

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale: Enjoy deals on all your favorite beauty products during the second occurrence of this event. Beauty Insiders will be looking their best after shopping this sale. To save on your favorite products after the sale, use these Sephora coupons!

TVs: Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean big discounts on TVs. Whether you’d like one for yourself or to give as a holiday gift, this is a great time to shop for a TV.

Vacuums: November is another great time to buy a new vacuum cleaner with lots of deals just in time for the holidays. If you missed out in the spring, this is your chance to score big on a new vacuum!

December Sales

Even though the year is drawing to a close, there are still savings to be had. Check out these December sales to save big on your favorite items like clothing and electronics.

Air Fryers: These have become increasingly popular in recent years, and retailers often have sales on them just in time for the holidays. You’ll be making delicious (and healthy) meals in no time.

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale: This is the second semi-annual sale for Bath & Body Works, and savings are just as great as the summer event. Watch closely for the dates of this sale — it may creep into January as well.

Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale: Get up to 25% off during this follow-up event to the one in the spring. Now is the time to treat yourself to a new holiday-ready outfit!

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: A nice end-of-year treat to those who missed the event in the spring or want to score big again, this sale offers savings of up to 50%. So grab yourself a new outfit for that holiday party!

Personal Electronics: Many Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales spill over into December, so this is another good time to purchase personal electronics. Tablets, cameras, smart speakers and more will likely still be on sale.

Toys: With the holiday season in full swing, many stores offer discounts on a variety of toys. Check off your shopping list for all the little ones in your life by taking advantage of these sales.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale: The sister sale to the event in June, this is the time to purchase your favorite undergarments, sleepwear and activewear at a significant discount. Shoppers can get up to 70% off their purchases both online and in-store.

While there are certainly several specific days that seem to be designated for sales, savings can be found year-round. Don’t wait until Labor Day or Black Friday to look for that item you’ve been wanting — there might be a deal for it right now! And if there isn’t, download a browser extension like to still get a good deal on whatever it is you’ve been eyeing.


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