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25 Cheap Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day (+ Free Printables!)

February 22, 2021


International Women’s Day falls on March 8, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do to celebrate and empower women on this very important occasion.

Events for International Women’s Day began in 1911, starting as a series of rallies and campaigns for women’s right to vote, work and avoid discrimination. Today, International Women’s Day gatherings have expanded to include celebrations for all that women have achieved, awareness campaigns for women’s equality and more.

Although women’s equality has come so far since that first International Women’s Day, there’s still a huge need to observe the day. Global gender equality is still something we need to work toward — and of course, it’s always a good idea to celebrate the accomplishments of the women you know and love.

Thankfully, you don’t need to run a million-dollar fundraising campaign or pull off a fancy event to celebrate International Women’s Day. It’s something you can do right at home! We’ve brainstormed 25 easy and affordable ways for you to join the cause of women’s equality and celebrate women on March 8 this year.

Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day


1. Join a march: Many cities and organizations host walks or marches to take a stand against women’s discrimination every year. See what marches are taking place in your area and join in. Don’t forget to make a sign with a quote from a powerful woman!

2. Write a poem: Feeling inspired by all that women have accomplished? (Looking at you, Madam Vice President Harris.) Turn those feelings in a poem honoring the women who came before you and giving hope to those who will come after.

3. Make a social media post: Research an inspiring woman or a women’s issue from around the world and educate your friends and family on social media. A simple picture and a few sentences about what you learned is all you need!

4. Learn about a strong woman: Pick a woman from history — or from the present-day — and learn about all they’ve accomplished and overcome. Read their biography, watch a documentary or even visit your local library to see what you can learn there.

5. Read Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou: If writing poetry isn’t your thing, try reading it. This collection of four poems by one of America’s greatest poets is a good place to start.

6. Volunteer: Give back to your community by finding a local women’s organization and helping them with an event or project. You can even find virtual volunteer opportunities so you can stay safe and socially distanced.

7. Start that new project: Since International Women’s Day is all about what women have accomplished, it’s the perfect time to start that project you’ve been thinking about. You don’t have to launch a full-fledged business — just take one step toward doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

8. Spend time with Mother Nature: Pack a bag with some simple snacks and games, and head off to the park for an inexpensive picnic date with Mother Nature. Remember to take a moment to close your eyes and appreciate how lovely life is.


9. Tell a friend how special they are to you: Hype up your female friends with encouraging and affirming notes about how they’ve impacted your life. Tell them how much they inspire you! Print out these fun cards with uplifting messages inspired by great women.


10. Visit a local museum: Learn about the women who made a difference in your town or state by visiting a local museum or history room. See how far women have come in the last 100 years.

11. Watch a documentary: Learn about women’s issues around the world by watching a film about them. Or, watch a documentary by a female director.

12. Donate to a women’s cause: Give money to an issue you care about. This can be anything from increasing women’s access to education in developing countries to narrowing the gender pay gap in the U.S.

13. Pledge to read more books by women: Commit to thinking critically about what you read or watch. Set a goal to read more books by women in the next year. If you plan on gifting a book by an authoress, be sure to use a coupon from Book Outlet!

14. Create a female-focused playlist: Bring out Beyonce, Lizzo and Taylor Swift to get you in the women’s empowerment groove. Have an impromptu dance party.

15. Dress as a famous female: Honor your favorite historical woman and educate others by putting together a simple costume. No need to shop — just use what’s already in your closet.

16. Shop at a woman-run local business: Give tangible support to local women by patronizing their businesses. You’ll be supporting women and getting some locally made goodies in the process.

17. Have lunch with a special lady in your life: Who better to celebrate International Women’s Day with than an incredible woman in your life? Take mom, auntie, granny or another special gal out to lunch, or cook for her yourself at home. Break out the fancy china and make it a special day for her.

18. Make an important career move: Take time to invest in your own growth and accomplishments. Been thinking about asking for a raise or applying for a new job? International Women’s Day is the perfect day to be bold and go for what you want.

19. Listen to or watch a feminist TED Talk: Get motivated by watching some of the best TED Talks by women. (We’re big fans of Chimamada Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists.”)

20. Support female artists: Visit a local art gallery to see works by women. Learn a little about what inspired them or how they came to be artists.

21. Paint or draw a picture: Take some time for personal creative expression and paint or draw…or knit or color or carve ice sculptures. Try to convey what you love about yourself or how other women inspire you.

22. Take some time to journal: Think back over all you’ve accomplished in the past year and write down what you’re most proud of. Think of the women who have inspired you, too. Set goals for what you want to accomplish by next International Women’s Day.

23. Throw a virtual party: Gather some female friends on Zoom and share inspiring quotes, stories of what you’ve accomplished and maybe a little toast to women’s progress.

24. Have a lovely night with yourself: Treat yourself to a self-care date of pampering and maybe a little wine. Rest, relax and celebrate all you’ve accomplished.

25. Take the #ChooseToChallenge pledge: The official theme for International Women’s Day this year is #ChooseToChallenge. Visit their website to see what it entails, and don’t forget to use the hashtag on your social media posts!

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About International Women’s Day


It’s one thing to celebrate International Women’s Day on your own, but teaching your kids about it is a whole other ball game. Check out these simple ways to help kids understand why this day is so important.

Watch a girl-power movie: Time to bust out “Frozen,” “Mulan” or “Moana” for a fun way to celebrate all that women can do. We have put together a list of 40 family-friendly films that feature strong female characters. Print it out, pop some popcorn and get the movie marathon started. Editor’s Tip: Try out a streaming service like Hulu.


Get some feminist picture books: Head to your local library and find picture books on important women. Try reading about Ruby Bridges, RBG or anyone else you find inspiring.

Make cards for women that have helped them: Ask your kids to think about women who have done good things for them. This could include family members, teachers, doctors and more. Have your kids make cards thanking these women for their positive influences.

Bake or craft: Make cookies and decorate them like your favorite women leaders, or do another craft that gives your kids a chance to think more deeply about International Women’s Day.

Decorate the house: Make pictures or other decorations to honor women and hang them in your house. Purple is often associated with this day, so try using that as the base for your color scheme! We’ve created three printables of inspiring women in history for you to print out and hang around your space for encouragement and motivation throughout the day.


Companies that Empower Women

There are a few brands on the market that use their platform and profit to uplift and empower females. When supporting these brands, you’re also supporting their mission to enable women.

Dove: Their body image campaign has helped women see that all bodies are good bodies by making sure their ads aren’t showing young girls an unrealistic body image. They also create tons of resources for educating girls on self-esteem and self-worth. You can purchase Dove products at a discounted price online when using this Amazon coupon.

ThirdLove: This bra company focuses not on how you look, but on how you feel. They’re committed to making products that fit well and make women feel good.

Organic Valley: In ads for their morning shake product, Organic Valley reminds women that they don’t need to have it all together. They provide a realistic picture of what a typical morning looks like for women, and they remind us all that it’s okay if we’re a bit of a mess.

GoldieBlox: This toy company’s mission is to “disrupt the pink aisle” with engineering-based toys and games for girls of all ages. They focus on STEM for girls and give them more options than just Barbie dolls.

Bumble: The female-focused dating app gives women the upper hand in deciding which matches to talk to. Their corporate culture reflects this too, with generous benefits for women and working moms.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s an easy way to pause for a moment to reflect on International Women’s Day. You can read a book, listen to a song or simply appreciate Mother Nature’s beautiful creations around you. You can even share her beauty with the lovely ladies in your life by purchasing some flowers with this Bouqs coupon.

Learn more about the women who have fought against discrimination for so long, encourage the women who have inspired you and take some time to celebrate your own accomplishments too.

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