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41 Cheap Graduation Gifts to Celebrate Your Scholar


Graduation season is upon us. From ceremonies to parties, it seems like this time of year brings endless celebrations of academic accomplishments. But what gifts do you give to those students who are most important to you? It can be difficult to decide what a young student might like best, but we’ve put together 41 cheap graduation gifts to inspire you.

From preschool through college, these inexpensive graduation gifts are sure to cater to any student you’re honoring. So bring out the cake and balloons — it’s time to celebrate!

Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Gifts


Preschool and kindergarten graduations have become increasingly popular. While your students are still very young at this time, this is their first major academic accomplishment. Help them mark the occasion and foster a love for learning with these preschool and kindergarten graduation gifts.

Lunch bag: Your little scholar will be all set for the upcoming school year with a new lunch bag. Pick one out that has their favorite colors or their favorite movie or TV show characters. This is a gift that they’ll use almost every day!

School supplies: For another way to get your young ones ready for the new school year, gift them some school supplies. You can put together a box or basket of pencils, notebooks, crayons, scissors and anything else they may need. Use these Discount School Supply coupons to save when you put your gift together.

Books about school: Your little ones may be feeling nervous or curious about what the next school year entails. To calm their fears and help them get excited for what’s to come, give them some books about kindergarten or first grade. This gift will also foster their love for reading.

Backpack: A new backpack is a great gift that’s also practical. Find one that includes colors or characters your little grad enjoys. They’ll be excited for summer to end so they can put their gift to use!

Boardgame: Everyone loves a good board game, so why not give your student one? This will give them hours of entertainment during summer vacation, and it’s something you can enjoy together.

Sidewalk chalk: Sidewalk chalk makes for a fun gift that will keep your little ones engaged all summer long. They’ll be able to draw to their heart’s content with a fun gift like this.

Toy: Give your new grad a small toy, like a stuffed animal, to celebrate their first big academic milestone. They’ll get tons of enjoyment from it, and they’ll always remember this first major accomplishment.

Science set: Encourage your little scholar’s curiosity with a new science set. They can have fun while (secretly) learning, and they’ll be ready to learn more in the upcoming school year!


Elementary School Graduation Gift Ideas

Moving from elementary to middle school can be an exciting and daunting time for a young student. But your new grads should take a moment to reflect on everything they’ve learned and accomplished during their time in elementary school. These elementary school graduation gift ideas will help you celebrate these milestones.

Candy bouquet: Many kids have a sweet tooth, so why not celebrate your elementary school scholar by gifting them an assortment of their favorite sweets and treats? Candy bouquets don’t have to break the bank — you can purchase the candy in bulk then put together a DIY bouquet of your own. Use these Sweet Pete’s Candy coupons to help you get started on your gift!

Autograph frame: For a meaningful graduation gift that will also hold special memories, give your student an autograph frame. You can purchase a wooden frame of any size, then get a photo of your grad’s class. Then, send them to school with the frame and a marker so all their classmates can sign it. This is great for them to look back on!

Gift cards: Not entirely sure what your new grad would like to receive? Get them a gift card or two so they can pick something out themselves! You can put any amount of money on them, and your student will be thrilled that they can go do some shopping.

Summer activity supplies: With summer approaching (or maybe even already here), put together some supplies so your student can have fun in the sun. You can include things like sunglasses, a baseball and a yard game — the options are endless! Soon, the new grad will be having a blast in the warm weather. You can also use these Target coupons to save money on summer supplies you want to include in your gift.

Books: Help your new grad keep their reading skills up by giving them some new books to read over the summer. If you aren’t sure what books they like, ask around and see if they have any favorite series or movies they love that are based on books. You may be able to find some good reads on sale, or you might be able to get some from certain suppliers.

Fun alarm clock: Alarm clocks don’t have to be dull and boring — try getting one that lights up with bright colors. This gift is as fun as it is practical, and your new grad will be ready to wake up for junior high in style. Mornings won’t be dreaded as much once your student gets their hands on this!

Journal: For those students who have a penchant for writing, consider giving them a new journal. They’ll be able to jot down any notes or thoughts they want, and you may even be able to pick up a few journals or notebooks at a low price.

Art supplies: If you have a creative student in your life, giving them art supplies will be a huge hit. You can put together a small art kit with colored pencils, crayons and paper, or anything else your new grad likes to create with. Use these Michaels coupons to save money on any art supplies you purchase.

Middle School Graduation Gifts


Middle school can be a time full of change for kids, and they should be proud that they’ve made it through. With these middle school graduation gifts, your students will feel loved and appreciated, and they’ll be ready to take on high school!

Wall decor: Summer vacation is a great time to redecorate, so give your new grad some wall decor to help them get started. You can give them a fun or inspirational poster, or you can find some cool LED wall decorations to spruce up their room.

Snack box: Teens and preteens love to snack, so giving them a bunch of their favorite foods will be a hit! Purchase some snacks you know they enjoy, like chips, candy or their favorite soft drink, and put them all together in a fun box. They may even be able to enjoy their snacks during a summertime with their friends.

New clothing: A new wardrobe can be expensive, but you can make this gift more budget-friendly by gifting your new grad a T-shirt or two (or something similar)! Your student will head into high school in style with some fun graphic tees or new accessories.

Reusable water bottle: For an eco-conscious gift that’s practical, try giving your new grad a reusable water bottle. They’re perfect for keeping your student hydrated throughout the school day, and they can be personalized with stickers or other embellishments they like.

Selfie ring light: Social media is still all the rage, so give your influencer-in-the-making a selfie ring light to help them take crisp, clear photos and videos. You can find these with tripods, which will be more expensive, or as clip-ons if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative.

Pool float: Help your student have fun during the season of pool parties and backyard barbecues with a new pool float. You can get a standard float or one in a fun shape (like a slice of pizza). Your new grad will be relaxing all through the summer!

Wallet: If your student has been using the same wallet for a while (or if they don’t use one at all), giving them a new one can be the perfect way to celebrate their academic milestone. This is a gift they’ll be using every day.

Keychain: While keychains may be a simple gift, they can also be very meaningful. Give the new grad a keychain with a photo of you together, a logo of their favorite sports team or a quote that you like. Every time they take out their house key, they’ll think of you.


High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from high school often conjures feelings of happiness and sadness, and maybe even uncertainty about what’s next. Earning their diploma is an enormous accomplishment in any student’s life, and we should do everything we can to help them feel proud of themselves. These high school graduation gift ideas are sure to make your new grad feel special.

Friendship bracelets: Friendship bracelets are a fun gift to give a new grad and their friends, and they can be very inexpensive. If your student and their friends are going their separate ways after graduation, these can be a sentimental gift that will keep them connected.

“Open When” letters: If your new grad is going away to college, giving them “Open When” letters can be the perfect way to send them off to school. Write them a letter for a series of different scenarios they may encounter, such as “Open when you miss home” or “Open when you’re having a bad day.” Then, your student can open your letters whenever they experience one of those scenarios for a meaningful touch of home.

Photo collage: Put together some photos of your student from over the years in a fun collage. It will remind them of the great experiences they’ve had and of the friends they’ve made, and the collage can serve as dorm decor!

Laundry supplies: One of the “joys” of going away to college is doing household tasks your parents may have taken care of for you. To prepare the new grad for independence, gift them some laundry supplies. You can make up a small care package with detergent, dryer sheets and a foldable hamper.

Fuzzy blanket: Dorm rooms can be cold and uninviting, so a fluffy blanket is the perfect addition to perk up the space. Your student will love the cozy touch it brings to their new room, and it will keep them warm when the weather turns cold.

Towels: Prepare your new grad for college life with a set of basic towels. This is a gift that will definitely be used, and your student will be grateful to have one more thing to cross off their college packing list. Use these Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to save on your gift!

Laptop sleeve: If your student has a laptop, a laptop sleeve can make a great gift. Their most important tech will be protected, so you can both rest peacefully knowing that their notes and essays are safe for class.

Toiletry kit: Another , toiletry kits are perfect for keeping all your bathroom supplies organized and clean. This is a gift that will certainly be used while your new grad is away at college.

Shower shoes: If your student is going to be living in a dorm come fall, they may need to use common bathrooms and showers. To help keep them healthy and hygienic, give them a new pair of shower shoes. Whether you purchase flip-flops or slide on sandals, be sure they are waterproof.

College Graduation Gifts


Finishing college marks the end of a student’s academic career. Whether they earned an undergraduate degree or just completed their PhD, your student will love these college graduation gifts.

Cookbook: As the new grad makes their way into full adulthood, gifting them a cookbook can be a very useful gift. They’ll no longer have dining hall food to rely on, and they may be in need of some go-to recipes. Use these Book Outlet coupons to save on any cookbooks you buy.

Photo album: College marks the end of a student’s academic career, so create a visual celebration of your student’s journey with a photo album! You can include pictures from their childhood through their college years, or you can just focus on college if you’d prefer. Then you can have fun decorating the album and writing fun messages for your student. This is a great DIY graduation gift that will tug on the grad’s heartstrings.

Spa masks: After earning a college degree, your new grad will likely want to take some time to relax. Help them by giving them face or spa masks. Use these Sephora coupons to save on your gift, and maybe even grab some self-care supplies for yourself.

Passport cover: If your new grad is planning to travel after graduation, give them a passport cover to protect their important documents. They’ll think of you every time they travel.

Silverware set: Help the new grad get settled into their new apartment or home with a silverware set. This gift will definitely be used, and they’ll be thankful to check a box off of their to-do list.

Wine cups: For a gift that will help your student relax, give them a set of wine cups so they can unwind after a long day. You may even want to include a bottle of their favorite wine with this gift — use these coupons to save on that bottle!

Portable phone charger: Everyone has been someplace where they need to charge their phone but aren’t near an outlet. Help your student avoid this situation by gifting them a portable phone charger. They’ll be so grateful the next time their battery runs out.

Bowl set: Another housewarming gift, a set of bowls is something that will be used nearly every day. Your new grad will be happy that they aren’t using dining hall bowls anymore! You can also use these Overstock coupons to save on other kitchen and home essentials.


Graduation can be an emotional time for students and their loved ones, but it’s a time to celebrate and come together. With these inexpensive graduation gifts, your student will feel proud of their accomplishments. You may also want to give them a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the occasion, so use these 1– coupons to save!

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