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15 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office


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Working from home has become the new norm for many, but do you have a workspace that’s working for you? Creating a home office on a budget doesn’t mean your space has to be drab. On the contrary, doing it yourself offers tons of opportunities to customize and personalize your workspace however you like.

Research shows that working from home actually improves productivity, so we’ve rounded up 15 home office setup ideas to help you create a space that will set you up for success.

1. Designate a Workspace

You should first designate an area specifically for working. This will help get you in the right mindset and ensure that you are being as efficient as possible during work hours. Try to minimize distractions like a TV nearby or working in a high-traffic area of your home.

Areas like a spare room (if you have one), a relatively unused corner of the living or family room, a finished basement or an area near the staircase are good places to consider. Just be sure that the space you choose will allow you to be productive.

2. Create a Plan of Action


Before you assemble or move furniture, take some time to consider how you want your home office to look and feel. Take some measurements if you’d like to, and think about what items you must have for work. This will help make setting up your home office quicker and easier.

To help you stay motivated while you set up your new space, we’ve created a printable poster with an inspiring quote. You can use it to decorate your home office once it’s complete!


3. Clean + Organize Your Space

It’s easy for any workspace, whether it be at home or in an office building, to become cluttered as time goes on. Research shows that clutter and messes can lead to stress and emotional exhaustion both at home and at work, so it’s important to make sure you’re working in a tidy space. Cleaning as you set up your home office can help get you started on the right foot.

If there are any items from your daily life in the area you’ve designated as your workspace, place them where they belong to help get you started. As you set up and move furniture pieces, try to place items that go with them (such as books and office supplies) where they’ll be when your office is completed. If you’re in need of any cleaning supplies, use these The Honest Company coupons to save some money!

4. Repurpose Items You Already Have

Buying new furniture and decor can quickly become very expensive. Before you go out and look for new items, take stock of what you have at home. Maybe there’s an extra table in the basement or some wall art you enjoy in the guest bedroom. You can even get creative — try using that old exercise ball as a chair!

5. DIY as Much as You Can

In addition to repurposing things you already have at home, you can also try to make some DIY home office furniture. Instead of purchasing a brand-new desk, make your own by using two plastic drawer units with a sturdy piece of wood on top of them (which you can also paint and customize!). Rather than buying wall art at the store, have a fun craft night and make your own, or print off a poster you enjoy (like the one below).

There are lots of fun ways to create DIY home office furniture and decorations, so get crafty! To help you get started crafting, use these Michaels coupons.

6. Only Purchase the Essentials

If you’ve gone through your house and haven’t found everything you need for your DIY home office, then it’s time to get shopping. But don’t go crazy at the store and buy cute pencil holders and desk knickknacks — only purchase what you need.

Sticking to the necessities will not only help you save money, it’ll also help reduce clutter. If you’re in need of a few essentials for your home office, use these to help you save!

7. Look for Sales + Bargains

If you’ve taken inventory at home and haven’t found the perfect chair or desk, then it’s time to start looking at the stores. Do some research before you head out and see what stores are currently having sales, and see if anything you’re in search of is on discount. You can also browse the newspaper and gather .

There are , so you’re bound to find a deal for something you need for your home workspace. You can also use these Overstock coupons to get that perfect piece of furniture.

8. Use Vertical Space

If your home office setup is in a small area, then vertical space will be your new best friend! Install some hooks to hang baskets that can be used for storage, or put up some floating shelves to keep other items out of the way.

You can also use items that are tall, like a tall filing cabinet. This way you can store lots of items and supplies without taking up a ton of floor space. Use these Wayfair coupons to help get you started!

9. Make Your Space Cozier

One of the perks of working from home is that you don’t have to work in a sterile, fluorescently lit space. Take advantage of this by making your DIY home office a cozy and inviting place to work.

Add a throw pillow you like or bring in a fluffy blanket to warm you up on cold mornings. Studies have shown that interior design can significantly impact worker productivity, so make sure you’re creating a space that inspires you and makes you feel comfortable.

10. Add More Light


Take a moment and check out what the lighting situation in your home office looks like. Do you have a lot of natural light? Does it seem to get dark in your workspace at a certain time of day? Proper (and personalized) lighting has been found to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing productivity, so it’s important to maximize the lighting in your workspace.

Desk and table lamps are easy and more cost-efficient ways to bring more light into your home office setup. Even if your space has great natural light, you may still want to add an additional light source or two for those times of day when the sun isn’t fully out. Try these IKEA coupons to save on your new desk or table lamp.

Proper lighting is also crucial for Zoom and other online meetings. Download and print out these door hangers on a sturdy paper (like cardstock). Cut the hanger and display it on your doorknob to make sure your next meeting goes off without a hitch!


11. Get Creative With Storage

Storage can take up a lot of space, and it can also be quite expensive. Before you go out and buy that enormous bookshelf, consider some more creative storage solutions.

Floating shelves are a great way to store items while also saving floor space. You can also put up some hooks to hang baskets from. Mugs and flower pots make for excellent desk organizers (such as pencil holders) and inexpensive office decor, and they’re things most of us have at home already.

With these creative storage ideas, your new workspace will be clean and organized in no time.

12. Look for Secondhand Furniture

Don’t be afraid to go on a little bit of a hunt for that perfect piece of furniture. Thrift shops, consignment stores and garage sales can have gems hidden in them — and for amazing prices! You can also use tools like Facebook Marketplace to shop around for a great piece of secondhand furniture without even leaving your home.

13. Cut Back on Paper Products

How much paper do you actually need for your day-to-day work tasks? Reams of paper and notebooks can add up in cost quickly, and they may end up just sitting on your desk or in a drawer. Be realistic about how much paper you’ll need, and then purchase accordingly.

Use these coupons to save on the paper products you will need!

14. Add Plants

Plants are an easy and affordable way to bring some life and color to your home office setup. Research has shown that visible greenery can reduce stress and depression, and increase happiness and satisfaction. Plants are also a great way to add some visual interest during your next .

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for small desk plants, larger ficus trees or a combination of large and small plants. Either way, be sure to use these coupons to save on office greenery.

15. Make the Space Yours

When all is said and done, your home workspace should be by you and for you. Think about the things that make you happiest and incorporate them into your workspace.

Are your family or pets the most important thing to you? Then go ahead and place some photos of them in your home office. Is there a certain lamp in your home that you really love? Place it on your desk. At the end of the day, you want to be sure that your home office makes you the happiest and most productive employee you can be.


Having a space you actually enjoy being in can help and make you a more productive employee. With these home office setup ideas, you’ll soon be typing and Zoom-calling in style. And to reward yourself for a hard day’s work, use these coupons to help you relax and unwind.

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