38 Thoughtful Yet Cheap Wedding Gifts for Every Budget


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Wondering what to give to the happy couple who will soon tie the knot? Knowing exactly what to get can be daunting, especially if there’s no registry. Although purchasing a wedding gift requires some forethought, it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet in the process.

Read more for ideas on wedding gifts on a budget and surprise the couple with a unique and thoughtful gift they didn’t know they needed. Plus, use the free printables below to accompany your gift.

Wedding Gift Etiquette


If the wedding you’re attending is right around the corner, you may be worried about what to give or rules when it comes to wedding gift giving. Here are six wedding gift etiquette rules you should always be aware of to avoid any accidental faux pas:

  • Check the registry: Be sure to take advantage of the wedding couple’s registry. This will not only help you figure out what to get them, but it will ensure that whatever you’re gifting will be of use to the recipient. Normally, couples will set up their gift registry to feature items of many price ranges, so you’ll likely find something within your budget.
  • Send the gift on time: It’s recommended to have the wedding gift be shipped to the couple’s home about two weeks before the wedding. This is to ensure that the couple will receive their gift on time and not too long after their wedding date. Luckily, many online registries allow you to ship the gift straight to the couple’s address after purchase. Bringing your gift to the actual event is also OK — many venues will have a reception table for gifts.
  • Spend what you can: Unfortunately, there’s no magic number when it comes to how much you should spend on a wedding gift. However, according to The Knot, guests usually spend around $120 on a wedding gift, but this can vary depending on your relationship with the couple. Feel confident setting a price limit and sticking to it — there are plenty of thoughtful and affordable gift options for any budget.
  • Know that group gifts are OK: Pitching in on a wedding gift as a group is acceptable and can make gifting a more expensive item easier. Just be sure to agree on the amount each person is paying, who’s collecting the money and who’s purchasing the gift ahead of time to avoid any conflict. Also, be sure that everyone who has chipped in signs the card.

Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas Under $20


As long as it’s from the heart, a less expensive gift holds just as much weight for the couple and is just as special as a more expensive one. From cookbooks to personalized coffee mugs, here are some cheap wedding gifts under $20 that are still as thoughtful as their pricier counterparts.

  1. Personalized coffee mug: Get the couple a set of personalized coffee mugs featuring a picture of them or their pet if they have one. This is a cute way for them to start their mornings and is a unique gift to add to their home. Estimated price: $10
  2. Adventure fund jar: Create a unique DIY gift out of a mason jar — it can serve as a fun adventure fund jar where they can stash away their savings for trips or for buying a house. Estimated price: $8
  3. Ring dish: A ring dish for the couple is perfect for them to stash their wedding bands when they’re not wearing them. Consider getting a dish with a wedding-themed design or create a custom design with their surname(s). Estimated price: $9
  4. Kitchen towel set: Although it may seem like a simple and cheap wedding gift, sending along some personalized kitchen towels may be just the item they’re missing in their home. Consider getting the towels monogrammed with the couple’s initials. Estimated price: $15
  5. Dessert basket: Create a personalized dessert basket for two. Include sweets and baking essentials like brownie mix, a rubber spatula and oven mitts. Estimated price: $20
  6. Photo frame: If you’re close to the couple, consider creating a collage of their favorite photos of memories that you’ve created together. Or just send along a nice picture frame that they can use for a wedding photo. Estimated price: $18
  7. Personalized wire hanger: Surprise the couple with a personalized wire hanger. You can give them one that reads their last name so that they can hang their dress and suit up after the ceremony. Estimated price: $17
  8. Christmas ornament: The first Christmas as a married couple is special, so consider gifting them a Christmas ornament that they can hang on their first tree. If they don’t celebrate Christmas, consider another type of holiday decor! Estimated price: $13
  9. Cookbook: Couples who love to cook together may appreciate a new cookbook to add to their collection. Try pairing that with a handwritten recipe card that has sentimental value to you and the couple. Estimated price: $13
  10. Congratulations card: Nothing sends well-wishes better than a congratulations card! This simple and cheap wedding gift is the perfect touch that you can also add to another gift. Simply print the card out below and personalize it to your liking. Estimated price: Free

Best Cheap Wedding Gifts From $20-$50


Consider a gift that also doubles as something useful, like an item for around the house. These sweet gift ideas from $20 to $50 will be sure to warm the newlyweds’ hearts.

11. Throw blanket: Every home needs a nice throw blanket. Celebrate the couple’s togetherness and surprise them with a soft blanket that they can enjoy while curled up on the couch during date nights in. Estimated price: $30

12. Personalized puzzle: Surprise them with a personalized puzzle that they can build together. Consider using a photo of them together or a place that’s significant to them, like a favorite vacation spot. Estimated price: $25

13. Couples aprons: Inspire the newlyweds to cook in style with some couples aprons. This is a fun and unique gift that they’re unlikely to already have. Estimated price: $30

14. Breakfast tray: Encourage the happy couple to slow down and soak up every morning with a cute breakfast tray. Estimated price: $25

15. Passport holder & luggage tags: If the newlyweds are honeymoon bound, they may appreciate some fun passport holders and personalized luggage tags — perfect for travel lovers! Estimated price: $40

16. Marble wine chiller: Give the couple a way to keep their wine chilled and ready to serve in a stylish marble wine chiller. This is a thoughtful gift that they can also use at dinner parties. Estimated price: $40

17. Stationary: Gift a set of thank you cards that the couple can send out to their guests after the wedding. Estimated price: $25

18. Wall art: Home-oriented gifts are always popular when it comes to wedding gifts — plus, they don’t have to break the bank! Consider some wall art or a print that the couple can hang in their home. Be sure to print out the gift tags below to include on your gift. Estimated price: $30


Cheap Wedding Gifts From $50-$100


Perhaps you’re closer to the bride and groom and want to treat them to something a little more on the pricier end. Check out these cheap wedding gifts that range from $50 to $100.

19. Marble cheese board: Gift the couple a fancy cheese board that they can use for hosting their guests at dinner. This will make their charcuterie spreads look extra stylish. Estimated price: $50

20. A plant subscription: A cute and out-of-the-box idea to give the couple could be a plant subscription box. This fun monthly delivery is sure to help them plant roots in their new life together. Estimated price: $60/month

21. Cooking class: If they love to cook, surprise them with a certificate for a cooking class for two. These are great for any skill level and a fun activity to do as a couple. Estimated price: $70

22. Steak delivery: Are they meat lovers? Give the couple the gift of a delicious steak delivered to their home from Holy Grail Steak Co. Estimated price: $100

23. Coffee maker: Help make their mornings more energized with a shiny new coffee maker. Coffee lovers will always appreciate a new gadget like this. Estimated price: $80

24. A gift basket: Who doesn’t enjoy a gift basket? Send the newlyweds a basket full of their favorite treats, whether it be sweets or charcuterie ingredients. Check out GiftTree coupons for additional savings. Estimated price: $70

25. Bathrobe set: Whether they’re relaxing during the weekend or savoring their morning before work, give the couple a plush bathrobe set to enjoy. Estimated price: $60

26. Pressure cooker: Married life can be busy, so make their weeknight dinners easy yet fun with a new pressure cooker. Estimated price: $70

27. Mixology set: A bartender set might be right up their alley for the couple who likes to entertain. This set includes a cocktail shaker, mixing tools, a muddling mallet and more. Estimated price: $50

28. A bottle of wine: Treat them to a nice bottle of red wine that’s on the pricier end for them to enjoy on a date night. Or grab a gift from Winebasket.com using their coupons for additional savings. Use the wine label printables below to attach to your bottle with double-sided tape! Estimated price: $50


Gifts Over $100


A wedding is a memorable event and milestone to be celebrated. If you’re a close friend or family member, you may want to spend a little more on your wedding gift. These wedding gifts for over $100 also serve as great group gifts if multiple people want to chip in.

29. Couples massage certificate: A relaxing massage is the perfect treat for newlyweds and is a nice way to help them unwind after the stress of planning for the big day. Estimated price: $120

30. Restaurant gift card: Give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant and treat them to a dinner out. Estimated cost: $150

31. Tool kit: If the couple recently bought a new home, chances are they will need to either fix things or build items for their space. Make settling in easier for them with a handy tool kit. Estimated price: $140

32. Dinnerware set: A complete china dinnerware set is something that’s not only thoughtful but is very useful to have. Consider gifting a set that’s large enough for four people. Estimated price: $120

33. Champagne toasting flutes: Help them make a toast to their love with a nice set of glasses! Champagne flutes are essential for any household and are loved by many. Estimated price: $120

34. Knife block: A beautiful set of quality knives is a great addition to any kitchen. Estimated price: $140

35. Bedsheet set: If the couple is moving into a new home, they may appreciate a fresh, cozy set of bedding. Consider choosing something simple, like a set in white. Estimated price: $150

36. Vacuum: One of the pricier ideas on the list is a wireless vacuum. This is a lifesaver to have around the house and a great gift to split as a group. Estimated price: $350

37. Travel gift card: Treat them to something thoughtful that they can use on their next trip. Send along a set of Airbnb gift cards or flight credits to help them plan a fun vacation together — they can also use it toward their honeymoon! Estimated price: $200

38. Luggage: People usually don’t think to update their suitcases and other luggage, so treat the newlyweds to a nice new set! They can use these as they jet off on their honeymoon. Be sure to print out the luggage tags below to make the gift extra special. Estimated price: $300


No matter what you decide to give the happy couple, they’re sure to feel showered with love on their special day. With these unique and thoughtful ideas and printables, you’ll be sure to find a cheap wedding gift that will please the newlyweds and be kind to your wallet. As you shop for cheap wedding gifts, check out these Macy’s coupons for more discounts.

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