How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Cyber Monday

November 18, 2019


As the holidays quickly approach, shoppers’ favorite time of the year is upon us: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whether you are the type to camp out for days or are looking for a way to engage your business, this retail event is the biggest of the season and unavoidable as a business owner.

What Is Cyber Monday?

This December 2nd, shoppers will hop online and make purchases big and small. With electronics and toys being some of the most sold items, there is an opportunity to participate and engage with your customers. For this holiday brand loyalty is a myth and shoppers are looking for the best possible deal, be it from Amazon or a local mom and pop. Since everyone under the sun is trying to get in on Cyber Monday as a business it’s about being seen and heard, amongst a sea of specials and advertisements. The infographic below will teach you a few ways a small business like yourself can participate in and seize the day. Keep reading to learn more about Cyber Monday deals or jump to our infographic below to learn the digital dos and don’ts!

No longer taboo, Cyber Monday has been a consumer staple for 14 years with over 7.2 billion dollars in revenue generated just last year. With Black Friday becoming more chaotic than ever, people have opted out and opted into the online experience, giving businesses of all types the opportunity to participate in Cyber Monday.

Things to Buy on Cyber Monday


Most websites offer site-wide clothing specials, making it one of the most common discounts you can find. If you are looking for specific brands or items, be sure to look for coupon codes online. If that’s not the case, you’ll be happy to find most stores offering discounts from 30%-50% off.


If you are flexible with travel times, vacation specials are heavily discounted for this event. Almost every airline, hotel and travel agency is offering packages unique to Cyber Monday.


From smart homes to TV’s, the deals to be had borderline on bloodbath status as most retailers are using these specials as loss leaders to get you in the door. Do be cautious of the tv specials offering 4k 60hz TVs for under $300, though, as they are typically cheap knock-offs.


With one of the largest retail events of the year just around the corner, small businesses shouldn’t be discouraged from participating. Thanks to the modern media climate, getting in front of your customers has never been easier, be it through social media, email or other traditional outlets. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on advertising or offer some crazy deal that will hurt your bottom line.

Partner with other businesses that fit your audience to build campaigns with them and stay consistent leading up to Cyber Monday. One key thing to remember is that most holiday shopping occurs in November.

Even if you don’t convert everyone into a customer on Cyber Monday the data you collect can be used to close them on a sale leading up to Christmas. In the meantime snag some Amazon coupons.

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