How Drone Delivery is Changing the Future of Ecommerce

September 13, 2019


The ecommerce industry is growing at an exponential rate and business owners and the technology used to operate this industry must continue to evolve to succeed. One technology that’s likely to have an impact on the industry in the coming years is delivery drones. In fact, the integration of self-driving technology will eventually make these drones the future of the ecommerce industry.

Currently, major corporations around the world are slowly integrating drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — into their delivery operations. Amazon is already dominating the ecommerce industry with 49% of all ecommerce sales, and because of this Amazon Prime Air is taking the lead by introducing delivery drones. Since 2012, the drone market has received over $2 billion in investments, making the commercial use of delivery drones inevitable.

Believe it or not, companies such as Amazon, UPS and Dominos have already taken advantage of this technology. Items such as morning espressos, pizzas and organs for life-saving transplants have already reached their destination, proving that the use of delivery drones are endless. However, there are some growing pains.

The sheer number of government regulations for commercial flights, safety concerns for the general population and package security are only a few of the concerns facing the future use of drones. Once past these hurdles, delivery drones will only promote more instantaneous shopping, propelling the ecommerce industry into a new world.

To help you and your business prepare for the future of the ecommerce industry, we’ve created this infographic to give you more insight of how your company can utilize delivery drones when the time’s right.


The commercial use of delivery drones here in the United States is on the horizon and the benefits they will provide will completely revamp the ecommerce industry.

These drones will alleviate congestion on our daily commutes, promote instantaneous shopping and deliver life-saving medical supplies all over the world. These are only some of the many benefits delivery drones will provide. The future of drone use is here and the ecommerce industry is already embracing it.

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