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27 Companies Offering the Best Free Product Samples in 2021


Whether it’s saving up money for a new car or shedding a few pounds before a big event, with every new year comes new resolutions that challenge us to be better.

If you’re someone looking to save a few bucks in 2021, but you don’t want to miss out on any new products, take advantage of all the great freebies the internet has to offer.


Please note the coupon codes are illustrative.

By signing up for free samples, you can test out new or popular products, without having to spend money on the full-sized product. Plus, many brands send out additional coupons and coupon codes in their freebie shipments for future purchases.

To make sure you don’t miss a discount, print out this coupon code tracker and keep it with your coupon envelope/binder so that you can have everything in one place.

From litter liners for pet parents to mini moisturizers for beauty gurus, read on to find how and where to get all different types of free product samples.


Freebies for Beauty Gurus

From trial-size samples of shampoos to mini mascaras and moisturizers, beauty products of all types can be found online for free.

Bvlgari Perfume

Perfumes are notoriously expensive, especially when created and sold by a well-known designer. Make sure you love the scent before shelling out any money and try before you buy with a free sample.

Example freebies: Get an upscale sample of Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc sent to your door after entering your information on their request page.

Editor’s tip: Have you decided the scent is your new fave? Don’t pay retail prices. Instead, go to for reduced-price fragrances and make sure to use a Perfume Spot coupon for even lower prices.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This cult classic moisturizing formula by CeraVe is safe for skin on the face and body and even recommended by the National Eczema Foundation.

Example freebies: Complimentary trial-sized sample of CeraVe’s classic moisturizing cream.

Deodorant from Little Seed Farm

Try out two different scents of natural and organic cream deodorants from Little Seed Farms. Their baking soda and aluminum-free formulas are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Example freebies: Choose two scents to sample from the following choices: activated charcoal, cucumber, lavender, rosemary patchouli, grapefruit lemon or holiday scented.

Foundation by L’Oreal Paris

Share your mailing and skin-shade preference details to receive a sample of foundation for you to use next time you have a night out on the town — or, more realistically, on your next virtual Zoom event!

Example freebies: Sample of L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hr Fresh Wear Foundation in shades light, medium or deep.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer by Vichy

Step up your skincare routine by sampling out a Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer by Vichy. Hyaluronic acid is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines in the face and be great for moisturization. Vichy’s formula is fragrance-free with minimal ingredients, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Example freebies: Get a trial-size version of Minéral 89 Moisturizer when you share your name and mailing details as well as your skin type and concern areas.

Freebies for Foodies

Try delicious goodies for free or at a discounted price when you sign up with these popular food brands.

Betty Crocker

When you subscribe to Betty Crocker’s email newsletter, you are eligible to get seasonal sample items like Chex Mix seasoning and more to make your Superbowl Sunday snacks suburb.

Example freebies: Chex Mix seasoning, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix, Supreme bar mix.

Editor’s tip: Print out and use these Betty Crocker manufacturer coupons wherever Betty Crocker items are sold.

Boston Market

Get a meal for free from Boston Market when you sign up for their Rotisserie Rewards. Just give them your name, phone number and your birth date so they can send you a gift on your special day.

Example freebies: A chicken entree with two sides of your choice (we love their mashed potatoes, gravy and mac n’ cheese!) and cornbread.

McCormick Consumer Testing

Spice up your life (literally!) and become a McCormick product tester. You can sample new products locally if you’re in the New Orleans or Baltimore areas. If not, you are still eligible for home use tests and online surveys!

Example freebies: Specific sample details aren’t shared online, but their website notes that foods, beverages and snacks all go through consumer testing before hitting the shelves.

Minute Rice

Get Minute Rice products sent to your home when you sign up for their “Riceipe Club.” Products include coupons and special offers, taste tests and customer surveys, along with eligibility to enter to win contests and sweepstakes.

Example freebies: BBQ cheeseburger and rice skillet recipe mix.

Truvia Natural Sweetener

Take a short survey and provide your shipping information to receive a sample of Truvia, a low-calorie sugar replacement for desserts, beverages, snacks and more.

Example freebies: Request a free sample and automatically get a coupon for $1 off your future purchase of Truvia natural sweetener.

Freebies for Health Fanatics

Workout and training gear isn’t cheap, but there are definitely deals and discounts on name-brand items that you can score if you look hard enough.

24 Hour Fitness

Have access to top-of-the-line gym equipment without paying for the cost of membership at any local 24 Hour Fitness. As long as you have never been before and are over the age of 18, you can sign up for three free consecutive days at the gym.

Example freebies: 72-hour free access to Zumba instructional classes or even pool use where available!


Get new running apparel for free when you join the Brooks product testing program. This program will send workout gear to your home so you can share honest feedback on the function, fit and design of future items.

Example freebies: Tennis shoes, running shorts, sports bras, etc.

Moosejaw Flag

Those that like to mountain climb, backpack or camp may be familiar with Moosejaw’s apparel and sporting gear. While they don’t offer any of their in-store products free outright, you can use this Moosejaw coupon on your next purchase that will earn you points and can be used as credit on future purchases.

You can, however, get a witty Moosejaw flag to display your love of the brand totally for free.

Example freebies: “What age do you tell your dog they are adopted?” burgundy Moosejaw flag.

ONE brand Protein Bar

You don’t have to start your workout on an empty stomach or wallet when you head over to ONE’s Facebook page and like one of their giveaway posts.

Example freebies: One maple glazed doughnut flavored bar that packs seven grams of protein and only one gram of sugar. Perfect for the health nut with a sweet tooth!

Working Athlete Hydration Packs

Working Athlete combines health and science to make sure you and your team are energized and focused with proper hydration.

Example freebies: Get a sample pack of either their “Hydrate & Recover” or “Energy & Focus” powder hydration packs in flavors like Berry Blast, Strawberry Pomegranate or Lemon Lime.

Freebies for Parents


Being a parent means researching, buying and testing out new products for your baby. Instead of spending money on new products that might not work well for them, save your money and get samples and freebies when possible.

Activity Classes from Gymboree

You can try your first Gymboree Play & Music class for free so your baby can experience unique and engaging activities relevant for their age group. While in-person gatherings are limited, Gymboree is offering virtual classes and online activities.

Example freebies: One 40-minute Virtual Family Play & Learn class.

Books through Imagination Library

The Imagination Library was started by country star Dolly Parton in 1995 and has since gifted over 150 million books to kids. Her program gives children under five a different book every month and is offered across the United States and even in select international locations. Find your closest Imagination Library and sign up on the website.

Example freebies: Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, Night-Night, Forest Friends by Annie Bach, Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney

Editor’s tip: Encourage your little one’s reading journey and keep track of all the books they’ve read with this printable reading log.


Goodie Bag from Target

Target offers those who sign up for their baby registry a goodie bag valued at over $100. The bag includes coupons, sample-sized products and other hand-selected items that will help you save a few dollars on baby products.

Example freebies: Johnson & Johnson Newborn Wash & Shampoo, Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, Dreft Newborn Laundry Detergent.

Editor’s tip: Use a Target coupon for your next diaper purchase to save a few bucks.

Goodnites Diapers

For kids who are having issues with bedwetting, you can get two free Goodnites diapers sent to you by mail. Choose the gender preference for your diaper samples and get your kids feeling confident and comfortable before heading to bed.

Example freebies: One size L and one size XL Goodnites Nighttime Underwear for girls or one size L and one size XL Goodnites Nighttime Underwear for boys.


Mothers can discover and share new products with their friends by hosting in-home sample parties and attending brand events when they become a MomSelect “Influencer.”

MomSelect has worked with many well-known brands to provide experiences, trips, products and compensation to moms who will share products on their social media pages in creative and engaging ways.

Example freebies: HP Sprocket Printer, Clover Yogurt, Chick-Fil-A products.

Similac Formula

Get free samples of formula and other baby items that will help you save a few bucks on feeding costs via Similac Strongmoms Rewards program. You’ll also have access to educational tips and nutritional guidance from their program online.

Example freebies: $5 off Similac formula coupons, “The Art of Feeding” pamphlet, reusable tote bag.

Freebies for Pet Parents


Food, flea medication, fur-friendly shampoo…the list of products your furry family member needs goes on! Snag some samples and coupons from the brands below and save some major bones.

Artemis Pet Food

Artemis offers high-quality, all-natural pet foods that exceed industry standards and are biologically appropriate for your fur baby. Get sample bags of natural pet food shipped directly to you when you request a sample.

Example freebies: Osopure limited ingredient cat food, Heat Isolate Technology Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, etc.

ASPCA Emergency Rescue Decals

The ASPCA offers free pet information decals to be used in case of emergency. The decals are to be stuck directly onto the door or window of the home to inform possible rescuers how many and what type of animals are in the household.

Example freebies: Animal rescue decals + ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet

Editor’s tip: As an extra precaution, add this printable pet care emergency card into your purse or wallet to make sure your animal isn’t left alone in crisis situations.


EZCatPads Litter Liner

Try out EZCatPads non-leaking cat litter box liners for free by filling out your name and address to have samples sent to you. EZCatPads liners are a frugal alternative to other leading store brands and can be bought in large quantities to ensure you get a good deal.

Example freebies: One cat litter box liner.

Fussie Cat Food

Get free samples of Fussie Cat, a food brand that is made to ensure your cat’s health by prioritizing the use of real animal protein in their “meat lovers menu” formulas. Just share your name and address to have some samples sent directly to you and your whiskered pal.

Example freebies: Market Fresh quail and duck formula dry cat food.

Editor’s tip: Next time you’re heading out for a bite to eat, see if any nearby restaurants offer some type of pet freebie. If you’re grabbing coffee, order a Starbucks’ Puppuccino (an extra small cup of whipped cream) to share with Fido.

PawPairings Pet Seasoning

Upgrade your dog and cat’s food with seasoning developed by veterinarians and nutritionists. PawPairings is a topping to add to your pet’s dry or wet food to encourage picky eaters to finish their food.

Example freebies: Pay less than $3 to have samples of pet food seasonings like beef medley superfood seasoning, duck medley superfood seasoning or chicken liver medley superfood seasoning packets sent to you.

The Best Free Sample Sites

If you’re willing to write a detailed and honest review online, there are many companies willing to offer perks in exchange for free products and even prepaid Visa gift cards. Many of the websites and phone applications that are looking for reviews carry items from a variety of stores and brands, so there are a ton of options to choose from. Anything from laundry detergent and website courses to dog food can be reviewed below.

BzzAgent: Answer some questions about yourself to get customized samples that you can evaluate and review with an online community of “BuzzAgents.”

Friends & Neighbors: A “consumer perception program” by Johnson & Johnson to give real people the opportunity to review their products and receive something in return, such as a prepaid Visa gift card.

Glamour Beauty Club: Fill out your glamour profile by answering questions like skin and hair type to get trendy beauty products sent to you for review!

I Love Free Things: ILFT sends new sample offers to your email twice a week so you don’t miss out on any hot deals on a range of products. Everything from chips and dog food to ice cream has been offered as samples in the past.

Influenster: If you are active on a variety of social media platforms and don’t mind posting product opinions, you may be eligible to get a box of free items worth hundreds of dollars when you sign up to become an Infleunster.

My Free Product Samples: This site compiles new freebie and discount offers from a variety of brands and stores. Anything from a box of cards to a box of spaghetti can be found here.

PINCHme: Get samples from categories like personal care, home and family, food and drink, and pets when you sign up to share your feedback on PINCHme.

Sampler: Join a monthly #SamplerParty without having to leave your home with the Sampler phone app. Just download and create an account to get freebies sent to your home for you to try and critique.

Write Companies Directly Asking for Freebies


Some brands don’t advertise free samples or coupons on their site, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Writing to corporate brands directly can be a great way to get free products without having to sign up for an email list or write individual reviews.

Consider emailing the general inbox or customer support email address with the following text. Adding additional personalization to the message is always recommended as it gives some validity to the message:

Hi there,

I hope all is well! I am writing to tell you how much I admire your brand.

My favorite product of yours is (the item of choice). I find myself frequently recommending it to friends and family because of (a reason why you love the item).

If you have any goodies such as product samples or coupons that you can share, I would truly appreciate anything you can send me.

Thank you so much and have a great rest of your day.


[Space for signature]

If you prefer physical mail, we have created a freebie request card template with the message above that can be personalized, signed and sent to your favorite suppliers.


Other Ways to Save on Products

Here are some more quick ways to save a few bucks and get a few goodies for free!

CrowdTap: Earn gift cards for voicing your opinion on a variety of items.

Phade Biodegradable Straws: Help save the turtles and other underwater friends from ocean pollution by using your (free!!) biodegradable straw.

L’Oreal product testing: Try out and review new product formulas when you join L’Oreal’s Consumer Participation Program.

Snuggle Bear Den: Join the Snuggle Bear Den Community and receive freebies and coupons when you participate in surveys and discussions.

Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the variety of places and ways you can get free product samples on the web, through the mail and by phone app.

If you do find an item you love, purchase it on Amazon with a coupon so that you never have to pay full price!

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