Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Spooktacular Holiday


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Looking for some out-of-the-box things to do on Oct. 31? Halloween may be full of tricks and treats, but incorporating fun and inexpensive activities doesn’t have to be tricky! Try throwing a Halloween party on a budget and set up your very own Halloween scavenger hunt.

Read more for some helpful tips and tricks on how to set up your own Halloween scavenger hunt. Plus, print out the printables below and customize to create your own unique and special night.

How To Set Up a Halloween Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a game played where hunters are given a set of clues to find specific items, whether it be around the house or outside — or both! Traditionally, the person who finds all of the items on the scavenger hunt list is the winner.

This activity is a great way to spice up your Halloween traditions and get kids exploring. Additionally, friends or siblings can work in teams so they can stick together if you’re sending them out into the neighborhood.

For a successful Halloween scavenger hunt, all you need is some prep and future planning! Here are some helpful tips and tricks for a fun game that will be the hit of the holiday:

  1. Plan ahead: To avoid any stress on Halloween, make sure you have all of your materials ahead of time, whether it be decorations or crafting materials. Try setting up at least a few days in advance to give yourself extra time.
  2. Step outside the box: Make your scavenger hunt more fun by getting creative. Think of things you can make yourself or incorporate other elements such as .
  3. Come up with clues: There’s no scavenger hunt without some good clues! Think of some helpful yet spooky clues to help your hunters find whatever you want them to look for. Printable cards are a good way to get creative with this.
  4. Hiding locations: If your scavenger hunt involves finding hidden things, be sure to think of some good hiding spots. Keep in mind the level of difficulty of the hiding locations depending on the age that’s participating. For example, for older participants, make the clues more vague, and for the younger ones, be sure to make the clues easier and the items easier to find.
  5. Fun prizes: Stock up on plenty of Halloween-themed prizes to either hide with each clue or for the winner at the end of your scavenger hunt. These can be anything from DIY crafts to some homemade treats.
  6. Set the tone: To make the night extra fun, set the tone with some spooky Halloween elements, like fake spider webs, pumpkins and candles. Check out if you’re in need of Halloween decor.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues


Having effective and fun clues are essential for a Halloween scavenger hunt. To kick off the hunt, give the first clue to the child or adult who’s participating. Hide the rest of the clues in areas outside or around the house for them to find. Read on for tips on how to come up with clues for your Halloween scavenger hunt:

  • Pick an item in your house: If you’re giving clues for things to find around the house, you first need to choose the item you’re describing in your clue. This can be anything from a lamp to a larger piece of furniture. Alternatively, you can do the same thing with items outside if you plan on hosting the scavenger hunt outdoors instead.
  • Describe your item: Once you’ve chosen your item for the clue, come up with some adjectives and other ways to describe it.
  • Find words that rhyme: After describing the item, choose some rhyming words to pair with the descriptions to make the clue a little more interesting and fun to read. Keep your audience in mind — you may want to keep things on the simpler side if kids are participating.

Depending on what clues will suit your scavenger hunt theme the best, here are 10 example phrases and puns you can use as inspiration for your own clues:

  • Halloween is a night where you have an excuse to stay up late. Your first clue is hidden with your favorite cup or plate.
  • Some ghosts are nice and some ghosts are mean. The next clue can be found in the area of the house that keeps you clean.
  • If you see a monster, make sure not to stare. Your next clue can be found right under a chair.
  • Witches have a crooked nose — go find where she would keep your clothes.
  • Treats on Halloween are always nice and sweet. The next clue is located in the room where you eat.
  • Costumes, parties and yummy food to eat, wander into the other room and you’ll find a comfy seat.
  • Where spiders and bats go, find this treat where the flowers grow.
  • The next prize can be yours if you search where the ghouls dine outdoors.
  • On Halloween, there are plenty of treats to eat. Search where people knock to say, “Trick or treat!”
  • Witches fly on a broom — the next clue is in your bedroom.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas


Make your Halloween scavenger hunt more exciting by including some prizes at the end. These gift ideas are great for both kids and adults and won’t break the bank.

Prize ideas for kids:

Prize ideas for adults:

  • A fun beverage like beer or wine
  • A Lush Halloween-themed bath bomb
  • A gift certificate to a restaurant or store
  • Tickets to a sporting event or concert
  • Donations made to the charity of the winner’s choice

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables


For a fun spin on your Halloween scavenger hunt, add some DIY crafts to the game with customizable printables. Check out the printables below to make your Halloween scavenger hunt unique and perfect for spooky season.

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards:

Use these printable Halloween clue cards to make some scavenger hunt riddles of your own! Simply print out the clue cards on cardstock paper, customize your clues and then hide them around your house.


Scavenger Hunt Clue Markers:

To make finding the hiding spots easier for younger hunters, print out these scavenger hunt signs and markers! All you have to do is place these markers wherever your clues are hiding — just print them on heavy-duty paper and cut them out.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt Winner Certificate:

To congratulate the winner, print out this winner certificate and pass it out along with their prize. These certificates are a fun way to award the kids and will be something they can keep to remember and hang on their wall.


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List:

If you want to take the Halloween scavenger hunt outside as well, include an I Spy scavenger hunt list. Print the list and pass it out to your hunters. The person who spots all the items on the list wins!


With fall approaching and Halloween just right around the corner, you can be sure to have fun with these Halloween scavenger hunt ideas and printable activities. Check out and coupons for additional savings on Halloween decor and crafts.

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