How I Stopped Overpaying on Amazon (And You Can, Too!)

By Sophia Lane, Staff Writer for Capital One Shopping

Whether it’s something I want or something I need (or something I didn’t know I needed until I found it), whenever I shop online, the first place I always turn to is Amazon.

The chairs in our dining room are from Amazon. As is the mattress in my guest bedroom and my favorite pair of joggers. I have my regular Amazon purchases (such as printer ink cartridges and batteries), as well as those random purchases that make me ask myself “How did I ever live without this?” every time I use them (like the milk frother that allows me to make decent cappuccinos at home).

As much as I love the convenience of Amazon, years of online shopping experience have taught me that it doesn’t always have the best price (even with free Prime shipping).

Find Savings Automatically

A friend told me about , a free browser extension that helps me save money and always make sure I’m getting the best price. I wish I’d known about it sooner!

Install the extension (it works on all major browsers), and within seconds, you’re on your way to savings. Just continue shopping normally, and Capital One Shopping works its magic in the background.

Once it’s installed, whenever you’re looking at an item on Amazon, Capital One Shopping automatically and instantly tells you if you have the best price…


… Or if you can find the same item for cheaper from another Amazon seller or anywhere else online.


It will show you the final price (including sales tax and shipping charges) and the estimated delivery date. You can just click the button to take you right to the item to purchase it.

One morning last week, while I was making coffee, I realized I only had a few coffee filters left, so I immediately grabbed my laptop and pulled them up on Amazon. notified me that I could get the same ones for $2 cheaper somewhere else — still with free shipping, too. Capital One Shopping has saved me $26 on Amazon just in the past month alone!

If you don’t need the item ASAP, you can also add it to your “watchlist,” and Capital One Shopping will notify you if the price drops.


I love saving money as much as the next person, but I don’t always have the time to look around for the best deal. That’s why I love that does the hard work for me. Now, whenever I click that “Add to Cart” button, I’m confident I’m getting the best price out there.

It doesn’t just work on Amazon, either

Another thing I love about Capital One Shopping is that it doesn’t only help you save money on Amazon. No matter where you shop online (well, as long as it’s one of the 100,000+ stores it has found savings for), Capital One Shopping will automatically apply available coupon codes to your cart.

You can also earn Shopping Rewards on the brands you love and redeem those rewards for gift cards. Getting rewarded for buying things I would have anyway? Yes, please!

The next time you go to buy something on Amazon, make sure you have installed to start saving! Remember, it’s free!