The Ultimate Guide of Pet Freebies and Deals

December 17, 2018


As a pet owner, you know the feeling of disappointment when you arrive at a restaurant or shop only to find a “no pets allowed” sign. Despite the recent increase in pet-friendly establishments, it can still be difficult to know where your pet is welcome — and where they’ll be treated well.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of establishments and companies that will do more than just allow your pet in; they’ll pamper them as well. From free treats at restaurants to luxurious amenities at hotels, these places will cater to your four-legged friend — whether you’re just running out for coffee or traveling across the country.

Use the jump links below to find specific pet deals and freebies, or jump to our infographic for a high-level overview of the places that will treat your pet.

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Restaurant Deals and Freebies


Looking to dine out but don’t want to leave your furry friend at home? With secret dog menus and special freebies for pets, these restaurants will quickly become your new go-to spots.


While not an official restaurant offering, many Chick-fil-A restaurants(especially those in cities known to be dog-friendly) keep dog treats behind the drive-thru counter. Next time you’re grabbing a meal for yourself, be sure to see if they have anything for your dog too!


Culver’s isn’t just family-friendly — it’s a dog-friendly restaurant, too. The restaurant, known for its frozen custard, keeps milk bones handy to pass out of the drive-thru window. Depending on the location, the treat may come with a scoop of ice cream for your pup as well.

Dairy Queen

Ask for a “pup cup” at Dairy Queen to receive a small serving of vanilla ice cream for your four-legged friend. While the treat isn’t part of Dairy Queen’s official menu — and some locations may charge for it — other locations have been known to hand them out for free.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Select Dunkin’ Donut drive-thrus keep dog treats on-hand, so be sure to ask for one the next time you’re grabbing coffee with your dog in tow. Locations that are attached to Baskin Robbins have also been known to offer a free cup of whipped cream or a free donut hole to dog owners.


Among dog lovers, In-N-Out is known for its “Pup Patty,” a plain, salt-free burger patty that can be purchased for $1. Another off-menu item suitable for dogs is the “Flying Dutchman,” which is two beef patties and two slices of cheese. While not specifically geared toward dogs, rumor has it that the item was created to feed dogs at the original In-N-Out location.

Johnny Rockets

Select Johnny Rockets restaurants in California have extensive menus for dogs, including items like “Lickety Split Ice Cream,” “Pupcakes,” and dog hamburgers. If you’re not on the West Coast, most Johnny Rockets will serve your dog a cut-up hamburger patty on request.

Lazy Dog

Given the restaurant chain’s name, it should come as no surprise that Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has its own dog menu. The menu consists of three items: a grilled hamburger with brown rice, a grilled chicken breast with brown rice, and a cup of plain brown rice, all of which you can get for under $5.00.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has an official dog menu that’s available at all locations except for stadiums, ballparks, airports and international outposts. Included on the menu is the “Pooch-ini,” a treat that consists of vanilla custard and ShackBurger® dog biscuits (biscuits made exclusively for Shake Shack from NYC’s Bocce Bakery).

While a decadent treat, the Pooch-ini isn’t intended for small dogs; for something lighter, opt for the “Bag O’ Bones,” which includes five ShackBurger® biscuits.


Sonic is another restaurant that often offers dog freebies to patrons. Just mention that you have your pup with you when you order from your car, and a server will bring treats out for your pet when they bring your meal.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles “Pupcakes” are available daily at Sprinkles locations. The mini-cupcakes are sugar-free and topped with a yogurt “frosting.” Bonus: You can order these cupcakes online as well.


Treat your pup to a “Puppuccino” at Starbucks — an espresso cup filled with whipped cream. While not part of the official Starbucks menu, the Puppuccino began making the rounds on social media on 2016. Costs can vary by store.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons’ famous “Timbits” — the bite-sized donut holes the coffee chain is known for — are also available in a sugar-free version for pets. Simply ask for a “pet-friendly Timbit” if you want your pet to indulge.

Rita’s Italian Ice

Select Rita’s locations will give out “doggy cups” — a cup of custard with a milk bone. If you’re not comfortable feeding your dog the custard, the bone is still a fun treat!

Rock & Brews

Rock & Brews, a restaurant located in several states including California, Texas and Florida, serves up comfort food for you and your pup. The restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and a dog menu specifically for your pet.

Travel Deals and Freebies


Traveling with a pet can be stressful — but with these deals, it doesn’t have to be. From earning extra mileage points to special hotel pampering for your pooch, these companies let you and your pet travel in style.

Fairmont Hotels

Pet policies at Fairmont Hotel properties vary on location, but locations that allow dogs offer a number of amenities. Dogs and owners checking into the Fairmont in Washington, D.C., for example, are greeted with handmade treats and bottled water; each time a guest stays at that Fairmont, $25 is also donated to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind charity.

Four Seasons Resorts

Not all Four Seasons accept pets, but those that do also include luxury pet amenities, including dog beds, treats and bottled water. Depending on the location you’re staying at, you may be eligible for even more amenities, like the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, which offers plunge pools and beach cabanas for your pet.

Hyatt Hotels

The specific pet policies for Hyatt Hotels vary by location; browse their website for more details. Several of Hyatt’s pet-friendly hotels offer luxury amenities, like the Hyatt’s Andaz Wall Street, which greets your pet with a jar of gourmet treats and the Park Hyatt Vienna, which offers photoshoots for your pet.


JetBlue’s traveling with pets program, JetPaws, is designed to help pet owners travel smoothly with their pets. The free program includes a special carrier bag-tag, a travel checklist and a pet travel guide. The program also includes travel products you can buy, like pet carriers. Additionally, JetBlue members get additional points when they travel with their pets.

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton properties are just plain pet-friendly; their pet policy states that any pet that can fit through the door is welcome, meaning the hotel chain has hosted animals such as llamas and penguins throughout the years. Amenities include pet beds, water bowls and toys; participating properties also have a nightly wine reception you can take your dog to, where they can meet the “Director of Pet Relations” — a dog friend they can play with.

Loews Hotels and Resorts

The Loews Hotel chain offers a large selection of special items for your pet through their Loews Loves Pets program, including a gourmet room service menu for cats and dogs, a free welcome package with treats, and specialized bedding, leashes, collars, and bowls. Additionally, the hotel provides a number of dog-friendly services, including walks and in-room pet-sitting.

Mandarin Oriental

Luxury hotel chain Mandarin Oriental offers a number of pet-specific luxuries, depending on which location you’re staying at. All locations feature dog dining and made-in-house treats, as well as toys, mineral water and a plush bed. To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog, the hotel chain also gave away custom-made collar charms to pets staying at any locations in 2018.

Red Roof Inn

In addition to being one of the few major hotel chains that doesn’t charge a fee for staying with a pet, Red Roof Inn also has a Facebook page dedicated to the dogs that stay with them and the staff will help you find dog-friendly parks and restaurants near where you’re staying.

Westin Hotels

Some Westin Hotels charge pet fees, while others allow pets to stay for free. However, all Westins offer premium pet amenities, including custom beds, food bowls, ID tags and a doggie welcome kit.

The Venetian, Las Vegas

If you’re visiting Sin City with your pet, The Venetian offers a number of pet amenities including a special in-suite dining menu and a BarkBox at check-in.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Paws program allows Flying Club members to earn bonus miles when their pets fly.

General Pet Freebies


Looking for more pet perks? From free food samples and no-charge health checkups to birthday treats, these companies make it easy to treat your pet.


Environmentally friendly bioDOGradable will send free samples of their biodegradable waste pick-up bags.

Pet World

For puppies for are still in potty training, Pet World will send two free samples of their puppy pads.

Feed Pet Purveyor

If you’re looking to try out a new brand of food or treats for your pet, look no further than Feed Pet Purveyor, which lets you try out as many free samples of treats and food as you choose.


Fill out the ASPCA’s online form to receive a free Pet Safety Pack, which includes pet rescue window decals for your home and an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Magnet.

VCA Animal Hospital

Fill out this VCA form to set up a free pet health exam and your local VCA Animal Hospital.


Join the Petco Pals Rewards Club and your pet will receive a special treat and message on their birthday. Plus, you’ll reap the rewards with savings! Additionally, Petco offers free 30-minute dog-training sessions at select stores.


Sign up for the PetSmart rewards program and your dog will receive a free surprise on their birthday.

Pet Supplies Plus

Sign up for the Pet Supplies Plus Preferred Pet Club and you’ll receive a complimentary gift for your pet on their birthday.

Your pet is part of your family. With these freebies and deals, you’ll never have to choose between being with your pet and eating out or traveling again. To learn more about how you can save on everything from pet food to pet furniture and more, check out our pet deals and coupons.