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50 White Elephant Gift Ideas for Present-Stealing Fun


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The holidays are right around the corner, which means time for celebrations and Christmas cheer! If you’re planning on hosting a white elephant party, you and your guests may need some ideas on what to get.

From funny gift ideas to those that are actually useful, we have the perfect round-up to make your gift shopping easier.

Here are some light-hearted and budget-friendly white elephant gift ideas for the perfect party that are sure to create competition — and won’t get tossed out with the holiday wrapping paper. Additionally, use these included printables to make your gift stand out! Don’t forget to check out Michael’s coupons for discounts on fun decorations for your party.

How to Host a White Elephant Party


To get started, here are some tips on how to host a white elephant party and a general overview of how the game works:

Helpful Hosting Tips:

Send invitations: Send out some festive invites to your party guests. In your invite, encourage your guests to bring a wrapped, anonymous gift. Send these out at least a week before the party.

Pick a theme: It’s up to you whether you want to pick a theme for the white elephant party, but this may give the guests a general idea of what to bring. This game is traditionally tied to Christmas, but can be modified for any group.

Decorate: Now is the time to get festive! The holidays are fun to decorate for, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Set a gift price limit: Remember to set a gift price limit. This can be announced on your invitations or before the festivities at your party.


Before You Get Started:

Have your guests place their gifts in a central location like a Christmas tree or seating area you plan to play at. Make sure each present is wrapped to add mystery to the fun!

Determine the playing order by asking each of your guests to draw a number out of a hat or bag. To do this, write down a number for each of your guests on a slip of paper.


White Elephant Rules:

Player #1 kicks things off by picking a gift of their choice from the pile.

Player #2 can either steal the package from the previous player or pick a new one from the pile.

If player #2 steals from player #1, player #1 needs to grab a new gift from the pile.

The game continues until all of the players have a gift in hand — keep in mind player #1 gets a chance to steal once the last player has their gift. Keep in mind that a gift can only be stolen twice!

To keep the mystery going, opt to unwrap everything at the very end.

Note: Traditionally, each person only gets one action per turn (to steal or select a new one), but feel free to modify based on your preferences.

Get as creative as you’d like for some crazy gift-stealing fun! Additionally, you can print out these rule cards below to add a new spin to the game. Read more for white elephant gift ideas for every budget.


$10 and Under White Elephant Gifts

Think of these budget-friendly options as stocking stuffers — they’re small and on the less expensive side, but still a joy to receive! From funny mugs to gag gifts, these are the perfect ideas for a larger group of friends that you might not know as well or even coworkers. Check out these white elephant gift ideas under $10.

Best for laughs:

Mug: This funny cat mug is sure to keep the recipient warm with their favorite beverage, as well as serve up some laughs. Price: $4


2. Beer koozie: This beer spinach can koozie not only keeps a brew or soda cold but tricks others into thinking you’re being healthy at the same time — so simple yet so clever. Price: $9


3. Floss: Have you ever heard of a floss flavored with something other than mint? Bacon floss is a unique gag gift and will be sure to serve up some laughs. Price: $6


4. Chicken flingers: Maybe not as useful as the other items in this list, but still definitely worth the try. This chicken flinger toy is a good time for all ages — it’s finger flingin’ fun! Price: $6


Best for beauty:

5. Bath bombs: Surprise the recipient at your white elephant party with an effervescent bath bomb from Body Shop. This may help them relax during the holidays which can be a stressful time. Price: $2


6. Lip balm: The weather is dry in the wintertime, so help keep their lips nice and hydrated with a pack of Burt’s Bees lip balm — they come in many fun flavors to choose from. Price: $7


7. Charcoal face mask: A vegan face mask is all a beauty guru needs — a white elephant gift like this allows for the perfect relaxation and pampering one may need during the holidays. Price: $7


Best for tech lovers:

8. Cord protector: Any techie can protect their electronics cords, such as chargers, with these cute animal bite cable protectors. These come in a six pack and are less than $10. Price: $7


9. AirPods case cover: Consider gifting an AirPods case cover. The silicone case is the perfect way to help protect AirPods from damage. You can also use the carabiner if you’d like to attach it to a bag. Price: $6


Best for cat lovers:

10. Book: Any cat owners in the group? Consider getting the “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” book — this doubles as a funny yet useful gift for cat lovers. Price: $7


11. Coloring book: Some people like to destress and pick up a coloring book to doodle in. Get cheeky with it and bring this cat butt coloring book to your white elephant gift exchange. Price: $5


12. Note dispenser: This cat-shaped note dispenser is not only functional but adorably cute as well. This gift would also be a great addition to someone’s desktop. Price: $10


Best for hosting:

13. Ice cube mold: If someone in your group is a dog lover, they may appreciate this dog-shaped silicone ice cube tray. This is perfect for keeping those holiday drinks cold with a fun spin. Price: $8


14. Glass markers: Serve up some laughs with these drinking buddies glass markers so no one’s drinks get mixed up. They’re not expensive, so you can even pick up more for your guests to have at your gathering. Price: $10


To make your white elephant gift stand out, print out these adorable winter-themed gift tags — just print on sturdy paper then cut out and attach to your gift. Just remember to leave out your name.


White Elephant Gift Ideas $20 and Under

Still in need of some more ideas? These white elephant gift ideas under $20 are exciting to receive and can also double as stocking stuffers or even Secret Santa gifts.

Best for Christmas-themed gifts:

15. Novelty Christmas hat: Spread the holiday chair with a funny elf pants Christmas hat. This show-stopper will be great for any ugly sweater party. Price: $14


16. Ugly Christmas sweater: An ugly Christmas sweater is an essential to have in your closet during the holiday. Help stock up someone’s wardrobe with this ugly yet fun sweater. Price: $20


17. Grinch mug: Got a friend in the group who turns into a grinch around the holidays? Then this ceramic Grinch mug may be just for them — hopefully they’ll be the lucky one to receive this gift. Price: $16


18. Secret Santa Poo-Pourri: A Secret Santa Poo-Pourri gift may just be what the recipient didn’t know they needed. Get one for yourself to keep the bathroom smelling fresh during your white elephant exchange. Price: $15


Best for the home:

19. Coasters: For a more useful spin on a white elephant gift, consider picking out this 6 piece coaster set. Avoiding ring stains on a coffee table has never been so easy and stylish! Price: $10


20. Christmas candle: This Yankee Christmas cookie candle is great to remind them of all of the sweet holiday treats to come. Its warming scent can also be a nice addition to your home for the white elephant gathering. Price: $16


Best for dog lovers:

21. Fridge magnets: A set of corgi magnets for dog lovers will be sure to put a smile on their face. It even comes in a set of three so they can have one for the home and office. Price: $17


Best for foodies:

22. Baking recipe book: Spread some magic for the holidays with a Harry Potter baking book. These recipes are inspired by the movies, making it the perfect gift for all of the Harry Potter fans out there. Price: $14


23. Pickle candy canes: These aren’t your ordinary candy canes — peppermint is overrated. Pick up these pickle-flavored candy canes for an out-of-the-box surprise at your white elephant party. Price: $18


Best for fashionistas:

24. Beanie: Fashionistas know that there’s nothing like staying warm in the winter with a cute hat. This pom pom winter beanie is the perfect gift for that and is also budget-friendly. Price: $16


Best for nostalgia lovers:

25. Etch a Sketch: ’90s kids will know the joys of this toy and get some nostalgic feelings when they open it. This pocket-sized Etch a Sketch is a mini yet clever gift for any white elephant party. Price: $11


26. Chia pet: Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Have a masterpiece of your own in just three to four weeks. For the Joy of Painting fanatics, this Bob Ross chia pet activity will be a hit — no happy little accidents here. Price: $19


27. Crazy straws: You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy some silly straws — they serve as a great white elephant gift and can also be a unique addition to the drinks you serve at the party. Price: $13


28. Christmas ornament: Bring back a classic in ornament form. A Christmas ornament inspired by the movie A Christmas Story is something everyone needs to have for their tree. Price: $11


White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 and Under

Consider giving these white elephants gift ideas under $30 at a party with your closest friends or family. From creative gifts like puzzles to hosting essentials like a charcuterie board, there’s something for everyone.

Best for creatives:

29. Card game: Games are always a fun gift, so consider gifting the popular Cards Against Humanity set. Plus, you can always pull them out at your party if you’re in need of another activity. Price: $27


30. Jigsaw puzzle: Try a 1,000-piece puzzle! Whoever receives this gift may love having some time away from the electronics, plus some well-deserved time away from the kids. Price: $28


Best for the kitchen:

31. Drink rambler: Keep drinks cool in a stylish stainless steel Yeti rambler. You can even store your favorite holiday cocktails or keep hot chocolate nice and warm. Price: $30


32. Milk frother: This milk frother is a great kitchen gadget to have — it can froth up milk for anyone’s favorite spice lattes or hot cocoa on those cold winter mornings. Price: $29


33. Champagne flutes: These stainless steel champagne flutes are perfect if you’re celebrating the holidays in a warm climate and want to keep the bubbly or cider nice and chilled. Price: $28


Best for foodies:

34. Charcuterie set: This charcuterie platter and serving tray is ideal for the foodie or the one who likes to entertain (great for holiday parties). This set includes four stainless steel knives and a thick wooden server. Price: $29


35. Hot sauce: Spice up the holidays with this beer-infused hot sauce set. These hot sauces come in Asian sriracha, garlic serrano and roasted chipotle. Price: $27


36. Blanket: This adorable tortilla-shaped burrito blanket can keep anyone warm and fulfill someone’s lifelong dream of being a life-sized food item. Price: $26


37. French press: Anyone can conveniently enjoy a cup of joe using this all-in-one boil and French press. The recipient will never have to visit the drive-through Starbucks again! Price: $27


White Elephant Gift Ideas $50 and Under

Willing to splurge a little more on a white elephant gift or have a lot of tech lovers participating? Read more for these fancy white elephant gift ideas under $50 — but be careful, these are the kind of gifts that are likely to be fought over!

For electronics lovers:

38. Fitness tracker: Treat someone to a fitness watch. This fitness tracker is more budget-friendly compared to its counterparts and is still stylish at the same time. Price: $43


39. Portable speaker: A JBL portable waterproof speaker is great for someone who’s more adventurous — the waterproof feature allows you to take it to the pool, on hikes or even kayaking! Price: $52


40. Key finder: Unfortunately, keys are a common item to lose. Brighten up someone’s holiday with a brand new key finder set so they’ll never lose them again. Price: $50


41. Noise-canceling headphones: These headphones are great for those who work remotely to cancel out the sounds of kids or pets. Plus, these are wireless, so no need to worry about getting your wires tangled. Price: $41


42. Kindle cover: For those who love reading, something that protects their Kindle may be just what they need. This fabric Kindle cover can keep their reading tool safe and free from damages. Price: $32


43. Banana phone: Choose a gift that’s more on the quirky side. This wireless banana phone will surely be the hit of the party — you can even say your guests will go bananas for it. Price: $42


For your zen friends:

44. Aromatherapy set: If you have any zen friends in the group, they may appreciate this aromatherapy diffuser set complete with popular essential oils — this one includes seven ambient light settings. Price: $40


45. Face roller: Anyone who has tried a face roller knows how amazing they feel — this rose quartz roller is made from natural crystal and can tone, firm and depuff. Price: $31


46. Meditation yoga singing bowl: This may seem like a random gift, but those who love meditation will appreciate this Tibetan meditation yoga singing bowl set. These are said to relieve pain in your muscles and shoulders. Price: $32


For the party starters:

47. Whiskey set: This crafted crystal whiskey decanter and glasses set is an impressive gift — perfect for anyone who loves sipping on whiskey during the cold winter months. Price: $40


48. Fondue maker: Whoever opens this gift at your white elephant party can host the next one with their new fondue pot — or you can even start it up at your own party! Price: $35


49. Instant rice cooker: Food lovers will love receiving this rice cooker. It features many different settings so the recipient can make all of their favorite meals. Price: $42


50. Waffle maker: There’s nothing like some homemade waffles. Consider gifting a waffle maker that can be used for a hot breakfast on Christmas morning. Price: $42


No matter which one you pick, these funny and creative white elephant gift ideas and printables will be the icing on the cake when it comes to holiday celebrations. If you’re in need of some more Christmas inspiration, check out Lowe’s coupons for discounts on your favorite decor.

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