Highlights. On an average day, Amazon customers place an estimated 12.10 million orders, equivalent to 504,153 product orders per hour or 8,403 orders per minute.

  • Amazon customers order $27.73 million in products every hour, equivalent to $7,702 per second.
  • U.S. Amazon shoppers place an estimated 8.38 million daily orders.
  • During a recent Prime sales event, global shoppers purchased over 86.4 million items per day or 60,000 items per minute.
  • Amazon customers order an estimated 19.01 million products per day (an average of 1.6 items per order) from an inventory of over 350 million products.
Amazon Product Orders & Sales Rates
Duration Number of Orders Product Sales Dollars
second 140 $7,702
minute 8,403 $462,140
hour 504,153 $27,728,425
day 12,099,676 $665,482,192
week 84,697,733 $4,671,173,077
month 368,031,818 $20,241,750,000
fiscal quarter 1,104,095,455 $60,725,250,000
year 4,416,381,818 $242,901,000,000

How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Per Hour?

Amazon sees more shopping activity at certain points during the day though morning hours are consistently the busiest.

  • In an average hour, global Amazon users place 504,153 orders; U.S. consumers place 349,302 orders.
  • Product sales dollars total $27.73 million per hour while Amazon’s hourly net revenue (including service sales) totals $53.6 million.
  • In an average minute, global Amazon buyers place 8,403 orders; U.S. users place 5,822 orders.
  • Product sales dollars total $462,140 per minute while Amazon’s net revenue totals $977,898 per minute.
  • Amazon processes 140 global orders in an average second; 102 (72.9%) are from the United States.
  • Product sales dollars total $7,702 per second while Amazon’s net revenue totals $16,298 per second.
Amazon Sales Rates
Duration U.S. Net Revenue Net Revenue
second $11,292 $16,298
minute $677,536 $977,898
hour $40,652,169 $58,673,858
day $975,652,055 $1,408,172,603
week $6,848,326,923 $9,884,288,462
month $29,676,083,333 $42,831,916,667
fiscal quarter $89,028,250,000 $128,495,750,000
year $356,113,000,000 $513,983,000,000

How Many Items Do People Order On Amazon Per Day?

An average Amazon order contains one or two products or items.

  • During a recent Prime event, orders averaged 1.56 items each.
  • 99% of Amazon orders are for ten items or fewer.
  • 89% of Amazon orders include 1-2 items.
  • On an average day, global Amazon shoppers order an estimated 19.014 million items.
  • U.S. Amazon shoppers order approximately 8.383 million items daily.
  • The average item price on Amazon is an estimated $148, equivalent to four (4) times the average order value.
  • While over 350 million products are available on Amazon via third-party sellers, Amazon’s inventory includes 12 million products.

Bar Graph: Amazon Average Daily Orders from 2020 Q1 (8.46 million) to 2022 Q4 (14.7 million) according to Amazon filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Numerator

How Many Packages Does Amazon Deliver in a Day?

Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) drivers are not directly employed by Amazon; consequently, they are independent of Amazon’s shipping and logistics departments.

  • Amazon DSP drivers each deliver an average of 1.53 packages per delivery stop.
  • A typical suburban or semi-urban Amazon DSP driver makes 180 stops and delivers 250-300 packages in a day.
  • To stay on schedule, a typical driver must make one (1) stop every 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
  • A typical driver delivers an average of one (1) package every 88 seconds.
  • An Amazon sprinter van holds approximately 350 packages in a typical shift.
  • Over 275,000 drivers deliver for 1,700 Amazon DSPs.

Bar Graph: Amazon Orders pet Hour from 2020 Q1 (353,000) to 2022 Q4 (611,000) according to Amazon filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Numerator

How Many People Order From Amazon Per Day?

Most households have one primary shopper meaning one person does most of the shopping for everyone.

  • Amazon has 76.6% household penetration*.
  • An estimated 98.2 million households buy from Amazon.
  • Amazon households include approximately 255 million individual consumers.
  • The average Amazon shopper makes 76.6 purchases per year or one (1) purchase every 4.8 days.
  • In an average week, Amazon has a daily conversion rate** between 12.6% and 13.8%.

*Household penetration refers to the percentage of households that placed orders on Amazon within one fiscal year.
**The conversion rate is the percentage of browsers who ultimately make a purchase.

Bar Graph: Amazon Orders pet Minute from 2020 Q1 (5,900) to 2022 Q4 (10,000) according to Amazon filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Numerator

Which Day Do People Order From Amazon Most?

The average annual daily purchase rate differs from average daily purchase rates month-to-month; high-traffic months include December(the winter holiday shoppingseason).

  • The average Amazon shopper is most likely to place an order in the morning.
  • Amazon shoppers are 5.9% more likely to shop on Mondays than on an average day.
  • Shoppers are at least 1.5% more likely to purchase on Mondays than on any other day of the week.
  • Amazon shoppers ordered an average daily 50 million individual items from small- and medium-sized businesses on October 11-12, 2022 (Prime Early Access Sale).

Bar Graph: Amazon Orders pet Second from 2020 Q1 (98) to 2022 Q4 (170) according to Amazon filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Numerator

How Much Does Amazon Delivery Cost?

Amazon spends slightly lesson outbound shipping than it spends on fulfillment and related services, including delivery.

  • Outbound shipping costs totaled $83.5 trillion in 2022, up 8.87% YoY.
  • 28.9% of the cost of sales goes toward outbound shipping costs.
  • The cost of sales and the cost of order fulfillment represent 57.6% and 16.8% of Amazon’s operating expenses, respectively.
  • For consumers, the fee for same-day delivery (where available) is $9.99.
  • Prime members pay $2.99 for same-day delivery; this fee is generally waived for orders over $25.
Amazon Product Orders & Sales Rates
Duration Delivery Stops Packages Delivered
year 65,700 100,375
fiscal quarter 16,425 25,094
month 5,475 8,365
week 1,260 1,925
day 180  275 
hour† 27 41
minute† 0.44 0.68

One delivery shift is, in theory, 6 hours and 45 minutes long (excluding shift prep and post-delivery duties as well as 30 minutes for lunch).

These data and insights were compiled by the Capital One Shopping team based on publicly available data.


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