Highlights. In an average month, up to 1.228 billion online shoppers buy something on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Up to 40% of Facebook’s 3.07 billion monthly active users shop on Marketplace,
  • An estimated 491 million or 16% of active users log in to Facebook for the sole purpose of shopping on Facebook Marketplace.
  • 250 million sellers worldwide use Facebook Marketplace.
  • In 2022, Facebook Marketplace users increased 3.61% year-over-year (YoY).

Bar Chart: Facebook Monthly Active Users in billions from 2012 (1.06) to 2023 (3.03) according to Meta 10-K filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Facebook Marketplace Shopping Statistics

Facebook Marketplace is the most popular social commerce platform among social media consumers, including Facebook’s other shopping media.

  • 51.2% of all social media consumers made their most recent social media purchase from Facebook Marketplace.
  • Among recent Facebook shoppers, 77.7% purchased from Marketplace; 14.2% and 8.15% purchased using Shops and Messenger, respectively.
  • 16% of Facebook users regularly shop or buy items from Facebook Marketplace.
  • Among users who regularly tap ads, 54.2% subsequently make a purchase.
  • Facebook Marketplace is accessible in 227 countries and territories worldwide.

Pie Chart: Facebook Shopping Media Popularity, according to SimplicityDX

Facebook Consumer Statistics

Over a billion shoppers visit Facebook Marketplace monthly.

  • 52 million American adults log into Facebook at least once per week.
  • 24% of Facebook users enjoy clicking or tapping on ads.
  • 65.9% of all social media consumers made their most recent purchase via Facebook.
  • 9.34% of consumers who shop on social media platforms made their most recent social media purchase on Facebook Shops.
  • 5.37% of social consumers made their most recent social media platform purchase through Facebook Messenger.

Pie Chart: How Often Adult Facebook Users Login, According to PEW Research

Facebook User Statistics

A majority of Facebook users have visited Facebook Marketplace at least once.

  • In 2023, Facebook had a global monthly average of 3.07 billion active users.
  • 51.7 million or 19.7% of American adults report logging into Facebook at least once per week.
  • 21.4 million or 8.16% of American adults report daily Facebook activity.
  • 76% of U.S. women report Facebook use.
  • 70% of adults who use Facebook say they log on less than once per week.

Pie Chart: Social Commerce Platform Popularity, according to eMarketer

Facebook User Geographic Statistics

Users in Asia and Pacific regions are more likely to be infrequent Facebook users while users in Canada, Europe, and the United States are more likely to be daily users.

  • At 914 million daily active users (DAU), Asia and Pacific regions have the largest number of global Facebook accounts.
  • DAU in Asia and Pacific regions increased at an average quarterly rate of 10.9 million or 0.16% over two (2) years.
  • 75% of North Americans and Europeans use Facebook.
  • In Canada, Europe, and the United States, users are 8.70% more likely to be DAU than users in the rest of the world.

Doughnut Graph: Active Facebook Users by Global Region (3.065 billion total), according SEC filings as of 2023 Q4

Facebook Marketplace Seller Statistics

Among the leading online marketplaces, Facebook is the least popular with U.S. online marketplace sellers.

  • Facebook Marketplace is 24.1% less popular than the leading online marketplace for U.S. sellers, eBay.
  • 39% of North American social media users use Facebook Marketplace and/or Instagram Shopping Bag.
  • Globally, 34% of all social media users use Facebook Marketplace and/or Instagram Shopping Bag.

World Map: Facebook Marketplace Global Availability, according to Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Advertising Statistics

Retailers, marketers, and Shop owners purchase ads that appear on Marketplace and across other Meta apps and brands.

  • Meta platform advertising revenue totaled $134.9 billion in 2023.
  • Since May 2018, Facebook has sold 16.1 million ads to American businesses.
  • U.S. businesses have spent $4.27 billion on Facebook advertising.
  • The most expensive ad campaign in Facebook history was Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, which exceeded $67.3 million.
  • Among retailers, Walmart spent the most advertising on Facebook at $6.27 million all-time.

Doughnut chart: Meta Ad Revenue by Global Region ($131.9 billion total) according to SEC filing

These data and insights were compiled by the Capital One Shopping team based on publicly available data.


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