African-American Studies

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Black Feminism Reimagined: After Intersectionality (Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies)


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Voices of Black South Carolina : : Legends & Legacy


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The End of Blackness


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African American Politics


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The Mis-Education of the Negro and The Education of the Negro


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Empower the People: Overthrow The Conspiracy That Is Stealing Your Money And Freedom


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Black Minds Matter: Realizing the Brilliance, Dignity, and Morality of Black Males in Education


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Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk about Race and Identity


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The New Politics Of Race: Globalism, Difference, Justice


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The Construction of Whiteness: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Race Formation and the Meaning of a White Identity


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Making All Black Lives Matter: Reimagining Freedom in the Twenty-First Century (American Studies Now: Critical Histories of the Present)


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They stole it, but you must return it


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African Americans and Homeschooling: Motivations, Opportunities and Challenges (Routledge Research in Education)


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So You Want to Talk About Race


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White Lies: Rape, Murder, and Justice Texas Style


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The Souls of Black Folk


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Romance with Voluptuousness: Caribbean Women and Thick Bodies in the United States (Expanding Frontiers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality)


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Black Talk, Blue Thoughts, and Walking the Color Line: Dispatches from a Black Journalista (Northeastern Library of Black Literature)


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Schism and Continuity in an African Society : A Study of Ndembu Village Life


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Everyday Racism: Reports from Women of Two Cultures (English, Dutch and Dutch Edition)


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What Next A Memoir Toward World Peace


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Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom


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Should Current Generations Make Reparation for Slavery? (Political Theory Today)


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The Miseducation of the Negro


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The Negro and the Schools


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Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? : Afrikan American Families in Transition : Essays in Discovery, Solution and Hope


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