Veterinary Medicine

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Miller - Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy, Volume 9


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New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats: Herbs, Acupressure, Massage, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Natural Diets, Healing Energy


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Radiation Safety And Positioning Animals With Rope And Tape in Veterinary Radiography


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Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach


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Acu-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure


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Essential Oils for Dogs: 2 manuscripts - Essential Oils for Dogs Guide & 100 Safe and Easy Essential Oils for Dog Recipes (Holistic Dog Care) (Volume 3)


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Natural Remedies For Goat Diseases (Natural Remedies For Animals Series)


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The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook


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Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual


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Essential Oils for Dogs: The Complete Guide to Safe and Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils for a Happier, Relaxed and Healthier Dog (Essential oils, ... Natural dog remedies, Holistic medicine)


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Essential Oils For Dogs: The Complete guide To Use Essential Oils For Your Dog


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Pets at Risk: From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an Unsuspected Epidemic


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The Dog Anatomy Workbook: A Learning Aid for Students


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Equine Structural Integration: Myofascial Release Manual


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Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease (Low Stress Handling Seminar)


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Where There Is No Animal Doctor


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stray - a shelter veterinarian's reflection on triumph and tragedy: (Black and White Edition)


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Essential Oils For Pets: The Complete Guide On How To Use Essential Oils For Your Pet


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Creating the Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business (Lecture)


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The Call of the Hen: Or, the Science of the Selection and Breeding of Poultry for Egg-Production [ 1914 ]


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Murdering Animals: Writings on Theriocide, Homicide and Nonspeciesist Criminology (Palgrave Studies in Green Criminology)


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DICLOFENAC SODIUM AND EQUINE ARTHRITIS: The Role of Diclofanac Sodium in Equine Arthritis Management


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Cunningham's Textbook of Veterinary Physiology


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Field Manual FM 4-02.18 (FM 8-10-18) Veterinary Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures December 2004


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Tylosin tartrate and tiamulin hydrogen fumarate against mycoplasmosis: Effect on commercial broiler


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