Pressure Switches

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Square D FSG2J21M4CP 30/50 PSI Standard Pressure Switch with Low Pressure Cutoff


Avg. Savings $7.59
SQUARE D 30-50 M4 Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch WATER WELL PUMP TANK PROTECTION 9013FSG2J21M4


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Air Flow Switch Sensor Monitor ( Normal Open )


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Schneider Electric 9998PC241 Replacement Contact Kit for 9013FSG


Avg. Savings $4.76
General Electric WH41X365 Washer Water Pressure Switch Hose


Avg. Savings $2.81
Midwest Control 69HAU3 Hubbell Pressure Switch with Unloader, 30-40 psi Factory Setting Cut In/Cut Out Pressure, 15-60 Total Pressure Range


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United Electric UE J40 Series Pressure Switch J40-262


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Square D by Schneider Electric 9013FRG22J36 Air-Pump Pressure Switch, NEMA 1, 10-5 psi Pressure Setting, 20-50 psi Cut-Out, 15-30 psi Reverse-Acting Adjustable Differential


Avg. Savings $9.76
Cleveland Controls NS2000003 Air Pressure Switch


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SQUARE D 40-60 FSG2 (9013FSG2J24) Water Well Submersible Pump Pressure Switch


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Klarus TR10 Remote Pressure switch Fits on XT10, XT11, XT12, XT20, XT30, XTQ1, XTQ2


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QST 2 IN 1 Digital Angle Ruler 360 Degree 200mm Electronic Digital Protractor Angle Meter


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Carrier Bryant HK06WC091 Pressure Switch


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Square D by Schneider Electric 9013GHG2J25 Pressure Switch, 200/250 psi Sensor, NEMA 1 Enclosure, 1/4" NPSF, 0-10 Bar Points


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Ashcroft B Series Type 400 Pressure and Differential Pressure Switch, General Purpose, Viton Actuator Seal, SPDT, Fixed, 10/100 psi Pressure Range


Avg. Savings $106.40
SEAFLO Replacement Adjustable Pressure Switch (60 PSI)


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