Highlights. In 2023, revenue from Amazon Prime memberships totaled $12.4 billion, up 9.73% from 2022. 

  • Amazon Prime users in the United States total an estimated 180.1 million in 2024; projections indicate Amazon Prime users will surpass 188.5 million in 2026. 
  • On Prime Day 2023, shoppers spent $12.9 million, up 6.70% YoY.
  • Amazon reported 200 million global Prime memberships in 2020; trends indicate that global memberships could surpass 500 million in 2024.

Bar Graph: Amazon Prime Membership Revenue in billions from 2021 Q4 ($0.9) to 2024 Q1 ($6.1) according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Amazon Prime Sales Statistics

Since Amazon began reporting revenue from Prime memberships in 2019 Q1, every quarter sees an average 19.9% YoY growth.

  • 2024 Q1 set a record for Amazon Prime membership revenue ($6.1 billion).
  • In the first quarter (Q1) of 2020 through 2024, Amazon’s revenue from Prime memberships spiked by an average 401%.
  • In the 2nd through 4th fiscal quarters from 2020 to 2023, the quarterly decline averaged 37.6% (indicating that a significant portion of Prime memberships may be winter holiday gifts).

Bar Graph: Amazon Prime Membership Revenue Quarterly Growth from 2021 Q4 (-47%) to 2024 Q1 (307%) according to SEC

Amazon Prime Member Statistics

Most Amazon Prime members live in the United States, and membership is highest among those born in the 1980s.

  • 56% of Amazon Prime users have a yearly subscription while 35% have a monthly subscription (9% are unsure or declined to answer).
  • User penetration among shoppers born in the 1980s is 82.4%.
  • Membership is lowest among shoppers born before 1965 (56.6% user penetration).
  • U.S. Prime users represented 66.7% of the adult population (18+ years) in 2023.
  • As of 2020, U.S. Amazon Prime users represented 73.1% of worldwide Prime memberships.
  • 71% of U.S. Amazon shoppers were Prime members as of March 2023, up 51.1% from December 2015 (the same year Amazon launched Prime Day).

Bar Graph: Amazon Prime Membership Revenue YoY Growth from 2024 Q4 (12.5%) to 2024 Q1 (15.1%) according to SEC

Amazon Prime Member Spending Statistics

The average Prime member spends up to $100 per month ordering from Amazon.

  • 80% of Amazon Prime members spend $200 or less per month on Amazon.
  • 26% of Prime members make $50 or less in monthly purchases from Amazon.
  • 6% of Amazon Prime members spend over $500 per month on Amazon.
  • 2% of Prime members make over $1,000 in monthly purchases from Amazon.
  • The median number of monthly orders per Amazon Prime member is four (4).
  • 42% of Amazon Prime members order 2-4 times in one month.
  • 36% of Prime members make 5-10 orders per month.
  • 13% of Amazon Prime members ordered from Amazon more than 10 times in a month.
  • 7% of Prime members place 16 or more orders with Amazon per month (that’s one order every 1.9 days).

100% Stacked Bar Graph: Amazon Prime U.S. User Penetration by age group according to PYMNTS

Amazon Prime Day Statistics

On Prime Day 2023, shoppers saved over $2.5 billion in discounts.

  • 91% of 2023 Prime Day shoppers had previously made Prime Day purchases.
  • 87% of Prime Day shoppers are members of Amazon Prime.
  • Prime Day shoppers purchased a record 375 million items on Prime Day 2023, up 25% from in 2022 (300 million items).
  • The average consumer spent $54.05 on Prime Day 2023, up 3.43% YoY (from $52.26).
  • Since 2015, Amazon has claimed a total of $62.6 billion in Prime Day revenue.

Bar Graph: U.S. Households with Amazon Prime in millions from 2018 (60.1) to 2022 (76.6) with projections to 2024 (85.7) according to Statista

Amazon Prime Delivery Statistics

Amazon has a fulfillment business that includes delivery services.

  • Over 80 million U.S. households receive Prime deliveries as of 2023.
  • In 2022, 76.6 million U.S. households received deliveries from Amazon Prime.
  • The number U.S. households receiving Prime deliveries has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.97%.

Bar Graph: U.S. Amazon Prime Members in millions from 2017 (99.7) to 2022 (168.3) according to Statista with projections to 2026 (188.5)

Amazon Prime Content Statistics

Streaming services have increased the demand for original content among Amazon Prime subscribers.

  • Amazon spent $17.4 billion on digital video and music content in 2023, up 4.19% YoY.
  • In 2022, Amazon spent $16.7 billion on digital video and music content.
  • Digital content spending increased 56.1% from 2021 to 2022.
  • All technology and content expenses totaled $85.622 billion in 2023, up 16.9% YoY.
  • Amazon spent $73.213 billion on technology and content in 2022.
  • Amazon’s technology and content expenses increased 30.6% from 2021 to 2022.
  • As a percentage of its total operating expenses, Amazon increased spending on technology and content by 122% from 2010 to 2020.

These data and insights were compiled by the Capital One Shopping team based on publicly available data.


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